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Does Dusty Die in Episode 6 of “Under The Bridge”? Tragic Fate or Narrow Escape

After the incident under the bridge, Dusty believed that Reena was still alive.

In Episode 6 of “Under the Bridge,” Dusty does not die; instead, she faces significant mental trauma and is ultimately arrested along with the other girls involved.

Dusty Pace is a fictional character inspired by the real-life individual Missy Grace Pleich in the Hulu series “Under the Bridge.”

She is part of a three-girl gang called CMC, which includes Josephine Bell and Kelly Ellard, who live at a foster home at Seven Oaks.

Reena Virk met Dusty and her friends at a local community center, where they bonded over shared experiences of feeling like outcasts.

Despite their rough exterior, Reena found a sense of belonging with them, and they quickly accepted her into their circle.

However, the friendship took a dark turn when Reena was brutally attacked and killed by some members of the group she once considered friends.

Dusty Doesn’t Die in Under the Bridge Episode 6

In “Under the Bridge,” episode 6 of the TV series based on actual events, Dusty Pace faces a harrowing situation but does not die.

Dusty encounters a significant moral dilemma and is deeply affected by the events surrounding the murder of Reena Virk.

Pace, portrayed as a friend of Reena’s, is part of a gang that includes Josephine Bell and Kelly Ellard.

Kelly, without any regrets, reveals that she is the one who killed Reena. She also shows Dusty Reena’s muddy shoes tucked away in Jo’s closet.

Additionally, Kelly made a dark joke about holding Reena’s head underwater while smoking a cigarette. Dusty was visibly upset by this insensitive comment and outburst and attacked her.

After this, Josephine and Kelly decided that Dusty couldn’t be trusted. They planned to take her life as she knew the truth.

Later, before a school dance, they put rat poison in a bottle of iced tea mixed with vodka. Dusty, who was already drunk, vomited after taking a sip.

In a desperate moment, they took Dusty to a train track, where she considered taking her own life. However, Josephine changes her mind and saves Dusty.

Despite surviving the accident, Dusty’s future is jeopardized. She, along with others, including Jo, Kelly, and Warren, are arrested by the police.

Her previous actions compound this twist of fate; despite Dusty being a friend to Reena, she attacked her under the bridge, a decision that she now regrets.

Additional Information

  • Dusty was kicked out of her home, while Josephine’s mother is incapable of caring for her.
  • The TV mini-series “Under the Bridge” has total of 8 episodes.
  • Warren Glowatski who was involved in the murder of Reena was 17 years old at the time of the incident.
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