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Transformation of Eloise Bridgerton’s Eye Color From Page to Screen

In the books, Eloise Bridgerton later becomes Eloise Crane after marrying Sir Phillip Crane.

In the Bridgerton Netflix series, the character Eloise experiences significant changes, including her eye color.

Eloise Bridgerton, portrayed by Claudia Jessie, is a character from the popular Netflix series Bridgerton, which is based on Julia Quinn’s novel.

She is the fifth Bridgerton child and the second daughter of the Bridgerton family.

In the series, Eloise is known for her sharp wit, intellectual curiosity, and strong desire for independence.

She often challenges societal norms and is more interested in pursuing her education than in following her peers’ traditional path of marriage.

A Legendary Tale of Eloise’s Changing Eye Color

In the Bridgerton book series, Eloise Bridgerton has gray eyes however, in the Netflix adaptation, her eyes are dark blue.

Interestingly, the books tell a legendary tale of Eloise’s changing eye color.

In the book version of “The Duke and I,” her eyes are described as blue; in “An Offer from a Gentleman,” they turn green, and in “To Sir Phillip, With Love,” they become gray.

Perhaps her eyes are as mysterious and ever-changing as the romantic intrigues.

Bridgerton’s eye color change in the series reflects both the creator’s decisions and the character’s evolving storyline.

Inconsistency Story of Eloise Bridgerton’s Eyes Color in Book

Eloise Bridgerton’s eye color changes in the books seem to be an inconsistency rather than a deliberate choice.

The author, Julia Quinn, has acknowledged this as a mistake, referring to it as “Eloise Bridgerton’s changing eye color” in her FAQ section.

It’s common for details like eye color to vary in a book series, especially one with multiple entries and characters.

In contrast, the Netflix show aims for visual consistency, so Eloise’s eye color remains the same throughout the series.

Eloise has dark blue eyes, and the show maintains this detail for her character.

This consistency is due to the controlled environment of a television production. Here, aspects like character appearance are kept uniform to avoid confusion among viewers.

Ultimately, the show’s adaptation streamlined these details for clarity and character continuity.

Additional Information

  • Claudia, who plays Eloise in Bridgerton, is renowned for her roles in the third series of the BBC One police procedural WPC 56.
  • The series Bridgerton is set in London but it wasn’t filmed strictly there.
  • Eloise continues her search for Lady WHistledown in season 2.
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