John Passidomo’s Final Net Worth Jointly Held With His Wife Kathleen Passidomo: Might Be In Millions

John Passidomo met a hiking accident during his vacation in Utah, where he suffered injuries on Monday and was pronounced dead on Wednesday April 3.

John and Kathleen Passidomo smiling
John and Kathleen Passidomo were college sweethearts who later got married.

The first Lord of Florida, John Passidomo, had served over four decades in law alongside his wife, Kathleen Passidomo, Florida Senate President, whose combined net worth surpasses million dollars.

John Passidomo was a board-certified specialist in real estate law who completed his J.D. from Stetson University College of Law in 1978.

The same year, he passed his bar exams at The Florida Bar and started practicing law in Collier County in 1979.

He also met his wife, Kathleen Passidomo, during his tenure at Stetson College, and they tied the knot in 1979.

Afterward, the couple decided to move to Naples and began a career in their respective field, with John continuing his endeavor in real estate matters and pro bono cases.

Thanks to his dedication, John Passidomo received Best Lawyers’ 2012 Real Estate Lawyer of the Year for the Naples/Ft. Myers Metropolitan Area and Best Lawyers’ 2014 Lawyer of the Year title.

He also received the Donald E. Van Koughnet “Lion of the Law” Award and The Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award for his professionalism.

So, being an idol for lawyers, John Passidomo’s net worth is of interest to many, as everyone knows that his wife, Kathleen Passidomo, has listed herself as the wealthiest local politician.

Final Net Worth Of John Passidomo And His Millionaire Wife Kathleen

Unfortunately, the Award-winning lawyer is no longer with us. John Passidomo had an unfortunate accident while hiking with his wife Kathleen on April 3, 2024, so John’s evaluated net worth might be the final.

John Passidomo was a former Collier County Bar Association president serving from 1987-1988, yet his pay was not much.

According to the latest data, the president did not receive a share of yearly compensation like the Executive Director, who received around $110k.

He also worked as a pro bono cases lawyer, where an attorney makes around $80k to $90k yearly during the late 90s.

In addition, John served as an attorney for the Florida Bar, where an attorney’s estimated salary was between $100k and $120k.

Meanwhile, according to sources, John Passidomo charged a fixed hourly rate ranging from $165 to $475.

So, given his years of dedication to law, John Passidomo net worth might be in the millions as the exact numbers are not revealed to the public.

However, if combined with his wife Kathleen Passidomo’s net worth, John’s worth might cross $12 million, as the Senate President’s total net worth as of 2022 reports was $11,767,748.

The 2022 net worth increased from last year’s evaluation: $6.3 million in 2017, $7.6 million in 2019, and $11,733,534 in 2021.

As a state lawmaker, Kathleen presented a report on annual disclosure for transparency of her assets, liabilities, and income.

Moreover, some officials’ net worth covers the joint assets and income held by the spouses, so it might be the case for John Passidomo and Kathleen, who loved each other dearly and shared more than four decades.

Frequently Asked Question

How old was John Passidomo?

John Passidomo was 72 when he met his end on April 3, 2024.

How many children did Kathleen Passidomo have?

Kathleen Passidomo and John Passidomo have three daughters: Catarina, Francesca, and Gabriella.

Was John Passidomo hiking alone?

John Passidomo was hiking with his wife Kathleen on the Utah trail when the accident occurred, leading to a head injury and his death in a two-day gap.


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