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Luke Newton Addresses Plastic Surgery Speculations Amid Manly Transformation for Bridgerton Season Three

Luke Newton is the third children of eight Bridgerton siblings.

Luke Newton, playing Colin Brigerton, one of the eight Bridgerton siblings, is rumored to have undergone a medical procedure to achieve a manly look in the new season of the series.

Born on February 5, 1993, an English actor, Luke Newton, is widely recognized for starring in the Netflix series Bridgerton.

Luke began his television career with the BBC Two teen series The Cut and has ten acting credits on his resume.

Following the release of the third season, which focuses on Colin and Penelope’s love story, he has become the talk of the town.

Luke Newton Hasn’t Admitted to Getting Plastic Surgery for Bridgerton Season Three

The American period series “Bridgerton” gives its main characters a notable transformation in each new season.

Well, this time, the beloved character Colin Bridgerton, played by Luke, experiences a drastic makeover now that Season Three unfolds the love story of Colin and Penelope.

While fans of the series adored his new looks, many were curious to learn about his changes, be it a surgical procedure, wardrobe upgrading, or makeup techniques.

This season, the actor went heavy on his transformation, with the show creator focusing on both his inner confidence and surface-level changes.

According to the audience, Luke Newton seemingly has had a subtle lip lift, enhancing his once-thin lips into fuller lips.

However, the actor has yet to admit to having undergone such a procedure. He hasn’t ascertained having undergone any plastic surgery or lip fillers thus far.

Likewise, in nearly no time, the audience noticed his more masculine look and aura, which were drastically different from those of the previous seasons.

It isn’t uncommon for celebrities like Luke to undergo medical procedures, be it lip fillers or botox.

However, Luke’s masculine looks had more to do successful collaboration of professionals rather than any medical procedures.

This transformation was achieved through the successful synergy of wardrobe designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists.

Luke Newton’s Transformation From Pastels to Mature Tones In Season 3

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show’s creators have been vocal about prioritizing Luke’s look this particular season.

The actor worked closely with several top-notch makeup artists and wardrobe designers who are the best at their craft to ensure he would be a heartthrob.

Likewise, the designers did their homework very well, changing Luke’s color palette to make him appear more manly.

His wardrobe changed from a pastel palette to darker shades, showcasing maturity, unlike his boyish blue in previous seasons.

Bravo! The color palette shift made it easier for Luke to channel Colin’s sense of self this season.

Luke wanted Colin to return this season with more mature looks, similar to the significant changes seen in young boys leaving for the summer and returning with newfound maturity.

Similarly, inspired by Anthony’s hairstyle in Season 2, Luke opted for the sideburns and long windswept hairstyle, giving him a mature aura.

The actor and the show’s creator wanted to create a Colin with more confident, grown-up looks. Undoubtedly, they did a great job in achieving the look.

Additional Information

  • The English actor was born in Shoreham-By-Sea, England.
  • Luke Newton is soon to appear on Viana the Legend of the Golden Hearts.
  • He was nomimanted for the outstanding performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for Bridgerton in Screen Actors Guild Awards.
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