Search Continues For Missing Hobo Shoestring: Is The Tennessee Trainhopping Professional Found Yet?

Mark Nicholas aka Hobo Shoestring have been hopping freight trains since 1989.

hobo shoestring missing
Mark Nichols known as Hobo Shoestring is a professional hobo.

A famous railroad YouTuber, “Hobo Shoestring,” is reportedly missing following a visit to the Emergency Room in Johnson City, Tennessee Hospital. He was last spotted on March 27, 2024.

Hobo Shoestring’s real name is Mark Nichols; who is a fascinating character and has carved out a unique place for himself.

Mark has chosen to live a life full of adventure, explore nature, and share his journey through his YouTube channel.

Moreover, he is a Tennessee freight train hopper with a loyal audience who listens to his channel to watch his adventures and refreshing stories.

Is Hobo Shoestring Found? What Do Investigators Say About His Case?

It’s been a week since Hobo went missing, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has not provided a recent update regarding the news.

As per the report, the Hobo was last seen on a neighbor’s ring doorbell camera entering his townhouse in Johnson City.

Moreover, the investigation team found Hobo’s belongings in his house, where he had left his phone, wallet, and other items.

According to The Aware Foundation, he was experiencing hallucinations and an altered mental state.

There is speculation that Hobo may have chosen to disappear in pursuit of personal growth and grapple with his inner conflicts.

Furthermore, the investigators have released no further updates on his disappearance yet.

Meanwhile, his YouTube followers are rallying support, organizing search parties and discussions to locate him.

From Mark Nicholas To Hobo Shoestring: The Evolution of A Train-Hopping Man

Mark Nichols, also known as “Hobo Shoestring,” was born on July 12, 1970, in Freeport, Texas, USA.

Moreover, his mother is Karen Montgomery, but his father’s name has not been disclosed to the public.

Mark has three siblings: an older brother, Ross K. Nichols, and two sisters, Mary Nichols Throndson and Jessie Nichols.

The 53-year-old graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School in 1988, though his significance remains undisclosed.

Furthermore, Mark served two years in a military school before embracing train hopping.

After leaving military school, he took to the rails, adopting train hopping as his way of life.

Moreover, Mark started his first train journey through Laramie, Wyoming, about 30 years ago.

Mark’s disappearance has distressed his YouTube followers as they await news of his return and future content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hobo Shoestring married?

Hobo Shoestring, aka Mark, is a divorcee. It is not known to whom he was married and for how long.

How many subscribers does Hobo Shoestring have on his YouTube Channel?

Hobo Shoestring has 199K subscribers on his YouTube channel at this moment.

Does Hobo Shoestring have a social media presence? 

Apart from his YouTube channel, Hobo does have a Facebook page where he shares updates and interacts with his followers.


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