Stalker Martha Scott Present Herself As A Rich Lawyer In Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer series is based on Gadd's real-life experience with stalking.

baby reindeer martha
Martha is a character in the TV mini-series Baby Reindeer.

Martha Scott is a significant character in the series, representing the real-life stalker who profoundly affected the protagonist Donny’s life.

Martha is a semi-fictionalized character based on the real-life stalker of Richard Gadd, the creator and star of the series Baby Reindeer.

In the series, actress Jessica Gunning portrays Martha Scott, a central figure in the story who represents the female stalker.

The series presents a dramatized version of the events surrounding Gadd’s experience with stalking, which lasted for about three years.

The So-Called Lawyer And Serial Stalker Martha Scott Has A Deep Impact On Donny In Baby Reindeer

In the Netflix mini-series Baby Reindeer, Martha Scott presents herself as a rich lawyer; however, the reality of her character is quite different.

After a series of stalking incidents, Richard Gadd decided to research Martha.

When he looked her up on Google, he saw the headline “Serial Stalker Torments Barrister’s Deaf Child.”

This revelation meant that Martha was actually an ex-convict who spent four years in jail for stalking her boss and causing harm to his deaf son.

Moreover, Martha becomes obsessed with Donny, a struggling stand-up comedian, after he performs a simple act of kindness for her.

This obsession manifests as stalking, sending him countless voicemails and emails.

Martha’s fixation on Donny leads her to believe they are in a relationship, and she refers to him affectionately as her baby reindeer.

Despite her sometimes supportive presence, Martha’s behavior is manipulative and harmful, as she has a pattern of stalking.

Donny, on the other hand, is trapped in a cycle of abuse and low self-esteem. His interactions with Martha reflect his troubled past and his search for validation.

The series explores the dark and twisted dynamics of their relationship, highlighting the impact of Martha’s obsession on Donny’s life.

The Harrowing Journey Of Richard Gadd From Comedy Heights To Stalking Depths

In real life, Richard Gadd faced a similar situation. He worked at a pub in North London when a woman walked in, and he empathized with her.

Their interactions escalated over three years, with the stalker bombarding him with texts, emails, voicemails, and even sending strange gifts.

Eventually, legal action was taken, and a restraining order was placed to prevent her from approaching Gadd, his friends, and family.

The term baby reindeer appears frequently in the thousands of emails Martha sends to Donny. Even when facing consequences, she calls him her little reindeer.

The series sheds light on the complexities of stalking and the emotional impact it has on both the victim and the stalker.

Although the stalker’s real name and identity remain undisclosed, Martha Scott’s character embodies the relentless pursuit that Gadd faced in real life.

Additional Information

  • Baby Reindeer series consists of seven episodes and each episode has a runtime of approximately 45 minutes.
  • Jessica who portrays Martha character in the series graduated from Rose Bruford College in 2007.
  • Jessica played the part of Sian James in this Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated film.


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