Arcadian Review: It Offers A Solid Beginning With Commendable Acting But Ultimately Falls Short To Meet The Audience’s Expectations

A thrilling journey into a post-apocalyptic world.

Arcadian review
Arcadian is a horror-thriller film which follows the story of a father and his twins sons.


  • The film Arcadian is directed by Benjamin Brewer, a Grammy Award winner for his stand-up comedy film Stark Raving Black.
  • Arcadian was nominated in the SXSW Film Festival for the category Narrative Spotlight.
  • The movie premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) on March 11, 2024, before its theatrical release in the United States on April 12, 2024.

Arcadian is a 2024 post-apocalyptic horror and thriller film that follows the story of Paul and his twin sons, Joseph and Thomas.

The film features a talented cast that includes Nicolas Cage as Paul, Maxwell Jenkins as Thomas, and Jaeden Martell as Joseph.

At the beginning of the movie, Paul is seen fleeing the end of civilization with two infant twin boys.

Fifteen years later, he lives with his now-teenage sons in a world where people don’t like to be out after dark due to the lurking dangers.

Moreover, the film is about a father and his two sons navigating a world filled with dangers, especially after dark.

The movie is set in a near future where civilization has collapsed, and unknown horrors emerge, making survival an ever-present challenge.

Disclaimer: This review is based on a viewer’s perspective and does not represent any official endorsement or critique.

Arcadian Has Garnered Attention For Its Intense Creature Design And Atmosphere

Arcadian Review


The Next Sunset Might Be Their Last


ActionHorrorThriller Mystery
DirectorBenjamin Brewer
WriterMike Nilon
CastsNicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins
Release DateApril 12, 2024
Running Time1h 32m

The 2024 film Arcadian has been well-received by critics for its genre elements and performances.

It has an IMDb rating of 6.2/10, with the most votes for 7/10, praising the movie for its horror elements and designs.

Similarly, the film has an 85% Tomatometer score based on 85 reviews, indicating generally favorable reviews from critics.

Take a look at the trailer:

However, audience opinions are more divided, with some appreciating the film and others finding it less compelling.

One of the film’s flaws is the difficulty in discerning the monsters due to the overly dark scenes, which detracts from the visual experience.

One user gave the movie only a rating of 1/5 and wrote:

A lot left to the imagination. Not much of a story since right from the beginning I didn’t understand why the family was being attacked by prehistoric creatures. No explanation and terrible ending. You will be disappointed if you pay to see this film. Nicholas Cage didn’t have much of a part in the film

Additionally, the film’s narrative starts strong but loses momentum, leading to an ending that feels unresolved.

The excessive use of a shaky, hand-held camera technique also distracted some viewers, diminishing their enjoyment of the movie.

Nicolas Cage Could Have Done Better In Arcadian, But Its Worth Worthing For The Horror Elements

Arcadian emerges as a film with a gripping premise that initially promises a thrilling journey into a post-apocalyptic world.

The plot begins with a strong foundation and introduces us to a desolate landscape haunted by creatures that lurk in the shadows.

Similarly, the actors, led by a compelling cast, deliver a raw and intense performance for the horror genre.

However, as the narrative unfolds, the film struggles to maintain its initial momentum.

The darkness that shrouds the monsters becomes a hindrance, covering the horrors meant to chill the audience.

This choice, perhaps intended to enhance the fear of the unknown, instead leaves viewers straining for a clearer glimpse of the monsters, diluting the suspense.

The cinematography, characterized by its shaky, hand-held style, aims for an immersive experience but often crosses into distraction territory.

The constant motion, rather than adding a layer of realism, pulls the viewer out of the moment.

Moreover, it makes it challenging to stay connected with the character’s plight.

Similarly, rather than providing a satisfying resolution, the conclusion comes as abruptly as if the journey led to an incomplete destination.

On the bright side, the film explores the dynamics between the brothers, Joseph and Thomas, apart from the horror.

Thomas is more instinctual and risk-taking, while Joseph is more intellectual and focused on progressing beyond mere survival.

A significant event occurs when Thomas gets stuck in the woods after dark. This leads to Paul’s suspenseful rescue attempt and a revelation about the terrifying creatures they face.

Arcadian is much more than a harrowing journey of survival; it is also about the ties that hold a family together.

Overall, the film’s potential is evident, but its execution leaves one yearning for the clarity and closure that could have made it stand out in its genre.

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arcadian-review-offers-solid-beginning-but-ultimately-falls-short-to-meet-expectationsArcadian is a horror thriller that delves into the survival story of a family in a world overrun by nightmarish creatures. The film, set in a desolate future where monsters emerge at night, follows Paul played by Nicolas Cage and his twin teenage sons as they navigate the dangers of this new world. The film has been praised for its imaginative creature designs and the way it builds tension as the story moves forward.


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