Best Thriller Zombie Movies That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat As The Undead Threats Emerges

Zombie originally comes from Haitian folklore.

best zombie movie
Zombie movies typically feature the undead as central characters in a variety of settings and narratives.

Zombie movies provide a thrilling experience that taps into our primal survival instincts and explores the themes of humanity and morality. It allows viewers to explore a fascination with apocalyptic scenarios.

Zombie movies primarily fall under the horror genre but often cross into other genres.

Watching zombie films, can be a safe way to satisfy curiosity about the darker aspects of life and human psychology.

Moreover, Army of the Dead stands out among zombie movies for several reasons, making it a favorite for fans featuring unique elements like the zombie tiger.

People also love Zombieland for its unique blend of humor and horror, which creates an enjoyable and memorable movie experience.

Additionally, this movie keeps viewers engaged with its quick pace, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

MovieRelease Date
Army Of The DeadMay 14, 2021
CargoOctober 13, 2017
Train To BusanJuly 12, 2016
Zom 100: Bucket List Of Talivehe DeadAugust 3, 2023
#AliveSeptember 8, 2020
Zombieland: Double TapOctober 10, 2019
Resident Evil: ApocalypseSeptember 10, 2004
Kingdom: Ashin of the NorthJuly 23, 2021
Gangnam ZombieSeptember 26, 2023
World War Z June 21, 2013

Note: Please note that the availability of movies on Netflix and other streaming platforms can differ depending on your geographical location.

1. Army Of The Dead (2021)

DirectorZack Snyder
WriterZack Snyder, Shay Hatten, Joby Harold
CastsElla Purnell, Dave Bautista, Omari Hardwick
Release DateMay 14, 2021
IMDb RatingIMDb

Army of the Dead is an American post-apocalyptic zombie heist movie. It follows a group of mercenaries who plan a Las Vegas casino heist during the zombie apocalypse.

The story begins with a U.S. military convoy transporting a zombie from Area 51.

After a collision on the highway outside Las Vegas, the zombie escapes, infecting several soldiers and the city’s population. Following a failed military intervention, the government quarantines the city.

Casino owner Bly Tanaka offers former mercenary Scott Ward a crucial mission six years after the zombie outbreak.

He must retrieve $200 million from a vault beneath the zombie-infested Las Vegas before a nuclear strike eradicates the city.

The film was released in select theaters and digitally on Netflix, and it won the Oscars Fan Favorite at the 94th Academy Awards.

Moreover, critics have praised the film for its humor, which balances the tension and horror elements.

Whether you’re a fan of action, heist capers, or zombie flicks, Army of the Dead offers something for everyone looking for entertainment with gory splash.

2. Cargo (2017)

DirectorBen Howling, Yolanda Ramke
WriterYolanda Ramke
CastsSimone Landers, Martin Freeman, Marlee Jane McPherson
Release DateOctober 13, 2017
IMDb RatingIMDb

Cargo is an Australian post-apocalyptic horror drama film that was released on Netflix.

It follows the harrowing journey of a father trying to find the safest place for his infant daughter amid a deadly pandemic.

The film is set in a world overtaken by a virus that turns people into zombies within 48 hours.

Andy, played by Martin Freeman, his wife Kay, and their baby daughter Rosie live safely on a houseboat in rural Australia.

After a zombie bites Kay, the family is forced to leave the safety of the river in search of help.

Andy, now infected and with only 48 hours to live, must traverse the dangerous Australian outback to find a new home for his daughter, Rosie.

Along the way, he is joined by a young Indigenous girl named Thoomi, who believes her infected father can be cured.

The film has been praised for its soul. It offers a fresh take on the zombie genre by focusing on the human element and family bonds.

Moreover, it’s recommended for viewers who appreciate a blend of horror, drama, and emotional storytelling.

3. Train To Busan (2016)

DirectorYeon Sang-ho
WriterJoo-Suk Park, Yeon Sang-ho
CastsGong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi,Ma Dong-seok
Release DateJuly 12, 2016
IMDb RatingIMDb

Train to Busan is a South Korean action horror movie known for its thrilling narrative and for restoring the zombie genre.

The film centers around Seok-woo, a divorced fund manager, and his estranged daughter, Su-an.

They board a KTX train from Seoul to Busan, but their journey is disrupted by a zombie apocalypse that breaks out across South Korea.

As the infection spreads rapidly through the train, the passengers must band together to survive against the flesh-craving zombies.

It is not just a zombie movie; it combines horror, action, and heart in a way that has captivated audiences worldwide. 

So, it is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a film that combines horror, action, and a touching story.

4. Zom 100: Bucket List Of Talivehe Dead (2023)

DirectorYûsuke Ishida
WriterHaro Aso, Tatsuro Mishima, Kotaro Takata
CastsEiji Akaso, Mai Shiraishi, Shuntarô Yanagi
Release DateAugust 3, 2023
IMDb RatingIMDb

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is a live-action film adaptation of the Japanese manga series of the same name.

The story revolves around Akira Tendo, a 24-year-old office worker at an exploitative marketing firm.

His life is devoid of excitement and meaning due to his soul-crushing job. However, when a zombie apocalypse hits Tokyo, Akira sees it as a chance to break free from his mundane existence.

He creates a bucket list of 100 things he wants to do before he potentially turns into a zombie.

This gives him a new sense of purpose as he embarks on a journey to complete his list, joined by others seeking to make the most out of their alarming situation.

This movie describes the story where surviving a zombie apocalypse beats being a pay slave any day.

Moreover, it is a genre-blending film that combines zombies, comedy, and self-discovery. It’s a fresh take on the apocalypse, perfect for those seeking something different.

5. #Alive (2020)

DirectorIl Cho, Jo Il Hyung, Madeleine Martin, Jimmy Olsson
WriterJules Vincent, Matt Naylor, Chuck Mccue
CastsYoo Ah-in, Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Bae-soo
Release DateSeptember 8, 2020
IMDb RatingIMDb

The movie #Alive is a South Korean zombie movie about a live video game streamer struggling to survive alone.

In the movie, a young gamer named Oh Joon-woo finds himself trapped in his apartment during a zombie apocalypse.

With Seoul overrun by the undead, he struggles to survive with dwindling supplies and no contact with the outside world.

He breaks his isolation when he discovers another survivor, Yoo-bin, across the complex.

Together, they fight for survival against the relentless zombie hordes, seeking a way to escape the nightmare that has engulfed the city.

Critics praise this movie for its pacing, action sequences, and how it captures the time of the pandemic era.

Despite being a zombie movie, critics have noted that #Alive still brings fresh stories and perspectives to the genre.

The film might resonate with viewers looking for a thrilling yet emotionally grounded survival story.

6. Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

DirectorRuben Fleischer
WriterRhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Dave Callaham
CastsWoody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone
Release DateOctober 10, 2019
IMDb RatingIMDb

Zombieland is a post-apocalyptic zombie comedy with a cult following for its unique blend of humor, action, and horror.

The movie is famous for its survival rules, like Cardio and Double Tap, which add a layer of strategy and fun to the narrative. 

The movie follows four survivors of a zombie apocalypse: Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone), and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).

They navigate a world overrun by zombies, attaching to a set of survival rules and employing various zombie-killing strategies.

Their journey is literal and metaphorical as they head towards a rumored safe haven in Los Angeles.

Despite the grim setting, Zombieland features witty dialogue and comedic situations, providing a refreshing take on the zombie genre.

Overall, it is a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing a blend of laughs, thrills, and heart.

It’s a must-watch for fans of the genre and those looking for an entertaining escape from the usual zombie fare.

7. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

DirectorAlexander Witt
WriterPaul W.S. Anderson
CastsMilla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr
Release DateSeptember 10, 2004
IMDb RatingIMDb

Resident Evil: Apocalypse is an action horror movie with elements of science fiction.

The movie revolves around Alice, who wakes up in Raccoon City Hospital to find the city overrun by zombies.

She joins forces with other survivors, including Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, to escape the city before a nuclear bomb destroys it.

Nemesis, a bio-engineered weapon programmed to eliminate them, also hunts them.

Likewise, the group’s survival hinges on finding the daughter of Dr. Charles Ashford, who promises them a way out

Despite mixed reviews, this movie has managed to surpass the box office gross of the original film, proving its appeal to fans of the genre.

So, give it a watch if you’re up for action, zombies, and a dose of survival horror.

8. Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021)

DirectorKim Seong-hun
WriterKim Eun-hee
CastsJun Ji-hyun, Kim Si-Ah, Park Byeong-eun
Release DateJuly 23, 2021
IMDb RatingIMDb

Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a TV movie from the Kingdom series that serves as a sidequel to the main storyline.

The story is set in a fictional Korean dynastic kingdom, the Joseon Kingdom, and delves into the origins of mysterious plants that resurrect the dead.

The narrative follows Ashin, a young girl from the Northern Seongjeoyain tribe village, who discovers these resurrection plants in the forbidden Pyesa-Gun forest.

Her journey intertwines with political conflicts and personal betrayal, leading to a path of vengeance that brings wrath upon the Kingdom of Joseon.

Overall, it is a must-watch for fans of the series and those interested in a dark, suspenseful story that combines historical drama with horror elements.

It’s a standalone piece that also enriches the broader narrative of the Kingdom universe.

9. Gangnam Zombie (2023)

DirectorSoo Sung Lee
WriterChoe Seung
CastsJi Il-joo, Park Ji-yeon, Jo Kyoung-hoon
Release DateSeptember 26, 2023
IMDb RatingIMDb

Gangnam Zombie is a South Korean horror film combining comedy and action elements within the zombie genre.

The movie unfolds the night before Christmas during the COVID-19 pandemic in Seoul.

Two men break into a container from China containing gold jewelry and a cat, which attacks one of them.

The infected man, Wang-i, turns into a zombie and spreads the infection in the Gangnam District.

Hyeon-Seok, a former taekwondo champion working at a small online streaming firm, and his co-worker Min-Jeong are trapped in their office building.

They must fight their way out against the growing horde of zombies.

Gangnam Zombie entertains with its action-packed sequences and a fresh setting that distinguishes it from other movies.

If you’re a fan of horror comedies and zombie flicks, this movie might be an interesting addition to your watchlist.

10. World War Z (2013)

DirectorMarc Forster
WriterMatthew Michael, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof
CastsBrad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz
Release DateJune 21, 2013
IMDb RatingIMDb

World War Z is an action-adventure horror film that follows the journey of former United Nations investigator.

Gerry Lane, his wife and their two daughters find themselves trapped in heavy traffic in Philadelphia just as the city gets overrun by zombies.

The sudden outbreak of a mysterious infection turns whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies.

After barely escaping the chaos, Gerry is persuaded to go on a mission to investigate this disease.

His journey takes him worldwide, where he must brave horrific dangers and long odds to find answers before human civilization falls.

It offers an intense and action-packed zombie thriller that keeps fans of the genre entertained.

While it may not fully explore the deeper themes of the source material, it delivers suspense and exciting sequences that make it worth watching.


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