Jennifer Pan Father Huei Hann Pan Now Prefers A Quiet Life Away From The Media

Jennifer Pan is now serving her sentence at the Grand Valley Institution For Women in Kitchener, Ontario.

Jennifer Pan father now
Jennifer Pan is a Canadian woman who was convicted in connection with a 2010 attack plotted against her parents.

Jennifer Pan’s father, Huei Hann Pan, chooses to live a quiet life after the tragic moment of his life when he lost his beloved wife, Bich Ha Pan, and the reason behind this tragedy was his daughter, Jennifer.

With the recent release of the Netflix documentary ” What Jennifer Did?” buzz is circulating about the true story behind it.

Jennifer was a Canadian citizen who migrated from Canada to Vietnam with her parents, Huei Hann Pan and Bich Ha Pan.

Moreover, Pan’s family moved to Vietnam to find a source of happiness and fulfillment, along with better opportunities.

Pan’s father, Hann, was a tool and die maker who used to work in the factory with her wife, Bich Ha.

Furthermore, Pan’s family life turns tragic when Jennifer, the only daughter of the family, executes her daring home invasion plan.

Where Is Jennifer Pan’s Father Huei Hann Pan Now?

In November 2010, Huei Hann faced the tragic moment of his life when he lost his wife, Bich Ha, in his own house, while her daughter was the reason behind this.

Pan’s daughter, Jennifer, hired the thugs to harm her own family, which led to the tragic loss of her mother while Hann survived fighting against the coma.

After the incident, Hann went into a Coma for months; after fully recovering, he revealed the truth about his daughter and sentenced her to prison.

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Furthermore, Hann could not live with his daughter as a criminal, so he lived a quiet life and moved away from Vietnam.

Before leaving the city, Hann sold his house and property and moved far away from the city, trying to escape from the tragic loss he faced.

Currently, there is no information about where Hann is residing.

Jennifer Father Hann Requested A Restraining Order Against His Daughter

As a result of Jennifer’s involvement in the crime, both Hann and his son Felix requested a restraining order against her, which the court granted.

Following the sentencing, Hann publicly expressed his profound sense of loss, stating that the day he lost his wife, he also lost his daughter.

Hann expressed his sorrow and conveyed his desire to sever ties with Jennifer permanently.

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Furthermore, although Hann survived the tragic moment of his life, he is unable to work and balance his life.

After the court trial, Hann share his sorrow with the media, stating,

After I lost my wife, I lost my daughter at the same time. I don’t feel like I have a family anymore. Some say I should feel lucky to be alive, but I feel dead too.

Furthermore, while the current location of Jennifer’s father may remain private, some media have reported that her brother Felix relocated to the South Coast of Australia following the events.

Additional Information

  • Jennifer’s father, Hann, was originally from Vietnam, where he received his education and relocated to Canada in 1979 under political refugee status.
  • Jennifer was believed to be perfect daughter, working on fulfulling her parents expectations before the incident occured.
  • In 2016, journalist Jeremy Grimaldi published a crime book about Pan called A Daughter’s Deadly Deception: The Jennifer Pan Story.


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