JJK Chapter 256 Spoilers And Raw Scans Unleashes The Second Black Flash And Sukuna’s Resurgence

For fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter, brace yourselves - the King of Curses is about to unleash chaos!

jjk chapter 256 spoilers
Sukuna is one of the central antagonists of the manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256 spoilers promise a thrilling showdown as Sukuna regains his power, setting the stage for intense sorcerer battles as Yuji and Maki team up against Sukuna.

In this chapter, the spotlight shifts to Sukuna, exploring his resurgence and rise back to power.

His journey to reclaim power becomes a central theme, captivating readers as he rises again in the intricate world of sorcery and curses. 

The fate of Yuji and Maki remains uncertain, and the excitement builds as the Shinjuku Showdown arc escalates, with powerful individuals joining the fray. 

After hitting a second black flash, Sukuna will regain his reversed cursed technique in the chapter.

Main Spoiler Of JJK Chapter 256: Sukuna’s Wrath

In this chapter, Sukuna goes on a merciless rampage, slaughtering all remaining members of Geto’s family except for Geto himself.

His anger knows no bounds, and the consequences of this bloodshed are bound to reverberate throughout the story.

This can lead to further devastation as he massacres anyone in his vicinity.

According to the JJK chapter 256 spoilers, there are hints that Sukuna may regain his Domain.

Also, Sukuna’s regained reverse cursed technique makes him even more dangerous.

Previously, Sukuna executed a first black flash against Maki and now finally managed to hit a second black flash.

Further, the second black flash is more powerful, amplifying his physical attributes and causing his energy output to be cursed.

This led him to gain his reverse cursed technique back which will bring him back to power, posing a significant threat to sorcerers.

What Else To Expect In JJK Chapter 256?

Despite being targeted by Sukuna, Miguel and Larue survive until Yuji and Maki return to the battlefield.

Their resilience and survival hint at their significance in the ongoing conflict.

Miguel’s physical skills are terrifying, which sets him apart from other jujutsu sorcerers who rely solely on cursed energy.

Similarly, in a flashback, Yuta implores Miguel and Larue to fight Sukuna.

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However, Miguel hesitates and questions why he should battle a monster who could potentially defeat even Gojo Satoru, one of the most powerful sorcerers.

Chapter 256 will likely explore the intense battle between Sukuna and Miguel.

Fans witnessed Miguel’s prowess in the previous chapter, and now the stakes are higher as he faces off against the King of Curses.

Additional Information

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256’s release date is expected to be 7 am Sunday, April 7, 2024 PST.
  • Although Sukuna is one of the strongest opponents in JJK, Gojo is by far the strongest of the two sorcerers in nearly every battle aspect.
  • Sukuna, the legendary Cursed Spirit from JJK, possesses various formidable powers. It includes Immeasurable cursed energy, Dismantling Inanimate Objects, Lightning-Based techniques, and healing abilities.


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