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Samantha Coughlan’s Role As Mrs. Rose Plays A Part In The Unfolding Events Of The Post-Apocalyptic World In Arcadian

Samantha co-founded the Suspect Package Theatre Co in London.

Although Samantha Coughlan played a supporting role as Mrs. Rose in the movie Arcadian, her character adds depth and authenticity to the film, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Arcadian (2024) is an American action horror-thriller movie directed by Benjamin Brewer and written by Michael Nilon.

This movie features a post-apocalyptic scenario in which a father, his twin teenage sons, and a neighborhood mother, Samantha, and a daughter struggle to survive in a remote farmhouse.

They experience peace during the day but face terror at night due to the threat of dangerous creatures.

Samantha Coughlan Playes Supporting Role As A Mother In Arcadian

In the movie Arcadian, Mrs. Rose, mother of Sadie Soverral’s character Charlotte, is portrayed by the talented actress, Samantha Coughlan.

She owns the farm opposite Paul’s farmhouse, where he resides with his sons. On the contrary, her daughter, Charlotte, falls in love with Paul’s son, Thomas.

As the dystopian world crumbles under destruction and wild monsters, Mrs. Rose faces a daunting threat to her family.

Take a look at the trailer here:

The Roses symbolize wealth and privilege, yet they cling to their possessions, fearing scarcity.

Mrs. Rose, a woman of good stock, loves her daughter deeply but fears losing everything she knows.

The strange and frightening possibility of society’s collapse drives them to flee cities. Moreover, they seek refuge in Irish countryside farmhouses, where survival means living off the land.

Overall, Samantha Coughlan brings depth and authenticity to her role in Arcadian, making her character memorable for viewers. 

Samantha Coughlan Shares Immense Excitement About Being A Part Of Arcadian

Samantha Coughlan, who portrays Mrs. Rose in Arcadian, shared her experience working on a movie with Nicolas Cage.

However, she did not directly interact with Nicolas Cage due to his character being injured and represented by a body double in their shared scene.

In the desolate and dystopian world depicted in the movie, the characters, limited to nine, maintain a cautious distance from one another.

Despite the indirect collaboration, Samantha expressed immense excitement about working with Nicolas Cage, citing him as an iconic figure in Hollywood.

Moreover, Samantha highlighted the director’s creativity, especially in crafting the film’s monstrous entities.

Additional Information

  • Besides Arcadian, Samantha has appeared in other productions such as Alaska Daily and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  • She was born in Vancouve, British Columbia and graduate of the Circle In The Square Theatre School in New York City
  • She was nominated for a Best Actress OFFIE for her outstanding work as Jane in Tennessee Williams Vieux Carre.
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