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Al Roker, More Alive Than Ever, Keeping Fans in Stitches

Al Roker previously underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight in 2002.

Albert Lincoln Roker Jr., aka Al Roker, is a celebrated weather presenter, journalist, and TV personality. News about his demise is currently making rounds; however, it remains unconfirmed.

His capabilities are not confined to the realm of television, but he is also an author. Some of his books include You Look So Much Better in Person and more.

Roker boasts an extensive career trajectory of five decades, starting as a weather anchor for CBS affiliate WHEN-TV in 1974.

Born in Queens, New York, the 69– year-old journalist is currently the weather anchor on NBC’s Today.

Al Roker’s Prevailing Demise News Remains Unascertained

The news surrounding the American weathercaster Al Roker’s demise remains unconfirmed as of now, leaving fans covered in mystery.

If not, this misleading news appears to be nothing but a hoax, for no trusted media sources have ascertained it thus far.

On top of that, it isn’t the first time such misleading news has surfaced online.

Back in April, a user tweeted his frustration surrounding the deceptive news spread through Facebook ads, particularly targeting older generations, often called “boomers.” He wrote,’

It’s all boomers. My grandmother has let Facebook ads make her believe Al roker has died 3 times the past week.

That said, previously, in November 2022, Roker was admitted to the hospital due to health issues surrounding blood clots in his legs.

The clot spread to his lungs, making the weatherman unable to host the NBC’s Macy’s Thanksgiving parade for the first time since 1995.

However, as of recently, news about his potential health issue hasn’t emerged online.

Al Roker is Alive, Kicking, and Making Fans and Colleagues Laugh Their Hearts Out

On May 22, 2024, NBC’s Today Show weather anchor recently participated in a viral social media trend that captivated fans.

In a video shared on the show’s Instagram page, Roker is left alone in front of a camera, maintaining a direct, unblinking stare until the person filming returns.

Fans and colleagues flooded the comments section in nearly no time, praising his deadpan performance, with some comparing him to a wax figure.

One of the colleagues from Today Show, Melissa Radz, expressed her thoughts on her hilarious act, calling it “Oscar-worthy.”

The humorous clip drew significant reactions, including a playful cringe from his daughter, Courtney Roker Laga, who commented, “Whyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Fans and his co-workers were delighted to see his goofy side, with one calling Roker a “National treasure.”

Additional Information

  • Let alone Al Roker, his wife, Deborah Roberts, is also a renowned TV personality. She is a television journalist for the ABC News division.
  • Al Roker and her wife Deborah Roberts have together worked on the historical fiction novel “The Personal Librarian.”
  • Back in May 2, 2024, Roker humorously declared the episode of the 3rd Hour of Today as the “last edition” of the show. However, quickly clarified he was kidding.
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