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Ree Drummond is Thriving in Good Health and Free from Illness!

Ree Drummond doesn't have a history of cancer.

Ree Drummond, widely known as The Pioneer Woman, is an American blogger, food writer, author, and TV personality.

The 55-year-old blogger shot to the limelight through her blog, The Pioneer Woman, where she wrote about her life in rural Oklahoma.

Building on the success of her blog, Drummond starred in her own TV program of the same name as her blog, The Pioneer Woman, on The Food Network in 2011.

Disproving Ree Drummond’s Cancer Rumors

Ree Drummond previously had a colonoscopy in 2022. However, the rumor surrounding her diagnosis of cancer is nothing but a hoax.

Meanwhile, netizens have poured their anger into spreading such misleading news surrounding her diagnosis.

A commenter expressed his rage in the comment of the YouTube video about her diagnosis, writing,

Those headlines are very upsetting. Things like that make me very angry.

Previously, Drummond unfolded the exclusive news of getting a colonoscopy via a Facebook post on her 26th wedding anniversary, writing;

26 years ago, I was about to get pregnant with our first child. Today, I’m about to get a colonoscopy. I love you, Ladd!

Possibilities are rumors of her illness ignited after she previously embarked on a weight loss or what she calls a health journey, which started in January 2021.

Over the past three years, Drummond successfully shed 55 pounds.

Her healthy approach to losing weight involves focusing on moderation rather than restrictive crash diets.

Instead of denying herself her favorite foods, Drummond added more protein and vegetables to her diet, reduced alcohol consumption, and monitored her sugar intake.

The television personality also incorporates exercise, including rowing, into her fitness schedule.

Following her praiseworthy weight loss journey, speculations about her taking Ozempic or weight loss supplements surfaced online.

Despite such rumors, Drummond later cleared the air, denying she took no weight loss medications during her journey.

The TV personality’s quest for weight loss was not due to any health issues but rather was her deliberate effort to live a healthy life.

So far, the confirmed news concerning Drummond’s potential illness or health hazards has yet to surface online.

Additional Information

  • In addition to blogs and TV shows, Ree Drummond has written cookbooks, a children’s book, and an autobiography.
  • Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd Drummond tied the knot on September 21, 1996.
  • Drummond and Ladd have five children: Alex Drummond, Todd Drummond, Paige Drummond, Bryce Drummond, and a foster son Jamar.
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