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Billie Piper Left Her Parents Paul Piper And Mandy Kane Kent At An Early Age

Billie Piper is the only actor to have won six out of the available six Best Actress awards for a single performance.

Billie Piper is an English actress and former singer born to her parents, Paul Piper and Mandy Kane Kent; she left them at 12 and began living with her aunt and uncle in London.

Billie initially gained popularity in the field of singing with her debut song Because We Want To at the age of 15.

Despite her initial success in singing, Billie Piper shifted her focus entirely to acting after 2003, leaving her music career behind.

Furthermore, her father, Paul Piper, also acted, influencing Billie’s journey toward a successful acting career.

At An Early Age, Billie Left Her Parents, Paul And Mandy

Billie Piper was born on 22 September 1982 to her parents, Mandy Kane Kent and Paul Victor Piper.

Moreover, she was initially named Leian Paul Piper, but her parents legally changed her first name to Billie on April 25, 1983.

Her father, Paul Victor, was also in the field of acting and a professional builder from Swindon, UK.

However, no source has disclosed professional details about Billie Piper’s mother, Mandy Kane.

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During her early teenage years, Billie did not have a good relationship with her parents. At 12, she left them and started living with her aunt in London.

After moving away from her parents, Billie started her musical journey in London with support from her aunt and uncle.

Billie Piper Shares How Becoming A Mother Helped Her To Understand Parenthood

Billie Piper started her family life by welcoming two children, Winston and Eugene, with Actor Laurance Fox in 2008.

After having her child, Piper expressed that becoming a mother has given her a deeper understanding of parenthood. 

In her interview with The Saturday Times Style magazine, Billie shares her emotions, stating;

‘I think when you have your own children you see your mother in a whole new light.’

Moreover, ditching her parents early on made her appreciate her parent’s role in her life more.

To overcome her upbringing without parents, she now spends time with her mother, Mandy, in North London.

Furthermore, Billie now lives a happy life with her mother and three children, trying to fill the gaps between her parents from the past.

Additional Information

  • Billie Piper has won several awards, including the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress 2007 for her performance in “Yerma”
  • At the age of 14, Billie was involved in the film industry with an extra role in the film “Evita.”
  • Billie released two albums, “Honey to the B” and “Walk of Life,” before ending her music career to focus on acting.
  • Piper was first married to Christ Evans at the early age of 18 despite their 17 years age difference.
  • In 2016, Billie started dating Johnny Lloyd, the frontman of the Rock band Tribes, with whom she has a daughter, Tallulah Lloyd.
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