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Sebastian Croft’s Rumored Romance With Charlie Besso Ignites The Spotlight

How to Date Billy Walsh starring Sebastian Croft released on Netflix in April 5, 2024.

The English actor Sebastian Croft has been romantically linked with various co-stars, including rumors about Charlie Besso being his boyfriend, even though he has not publicly confirmed any details about his dating life.

Sebastian Croft has had a vibrant acting career, starting as a child actor on stage and then moving to television and film.

Croft’s stage presence was first noticed in a touring production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” at the age of 7.

Then, he made his television debut with Game of Thrones (2016) as Young Ned Stark.

Similarly, Sebastian earned a BAFTA Children’s Award nomination for his role as Atti in the film “Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans” (2019).

Sebastian Croft And Charlie Besso Often Post Each Other’s Picture On Their Social Media

Although Sebastian Croft has not made any official announcements about his dating life, there are rumors that he is dating Charlie Besso.

Charlie Besso is a French-American actor known for his roles in TV series such as “Fallout” and “The Calling.”

Moreover, fans expect them to see in a project together similar to the Netflix series “Heartstopper.”

Despite the cozy Instagram snapshots and shared moments that spark rumors, neither of them has confirmed any romantic relationship.

The pair’s social media interactions often show them enjoying each other’s company. This made fans speculate about their possible dating scenario.

However, without an official statement from either party, the true nature of their relationship remains a subject of fan assumption.

Sebastian Croft Also Dated Co-Star Joe Locke For Almost Two Years

Before dating Charlie Besso, Sebastian had dated his Heartstopper co-star Joe Locke for two years.

Sebastian Croft and Joe Locke are actors known for their roles in the Netflix series Heartstopper.

The series gained significant attention, and chemistry between Sebastian and Joe has been a topic of interest among fans.

Joe stars as Charlie in the series, while Sebastian Croft plays the character of Ben Hope, who is not the main character opposite to Charlie.

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A post shared by Joe Locke (@joelocke03)

However, in real life, they were together and were in a long-term relationship before they broke up in 2023.

Even after the breakup, they are still good friends and often hang out and share pictures on social media.

Additional Information

  • He began his acting journey at Stagecoach, a drama school, when he was just seven years old.
  • Sebastian has a passion for fashion beyond acting and has expressed interest in potentially exploring the professional modeling world.
  • Despite his own acting career, Sebastian admires the work of legendary actor Michael Caine and hopes to collaborate with him someday.
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