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Bob Rogers and His Wife Jerry Shared a Legacy of Enduring Love

Bob received the "Medal of the Order of Australia" in 2010.

Bob Rogers, who had a remarkable broadcasting career, is survived by his devoted and lifelong wife, Jerry, and their four daughters, Sheridan, Brett, Justin, and Skye.

Bob Rogers was an Australian disc jockey and radio broadcaster renowned for his long-standing career in the industry.

He was celebrated for introducing the Top 40 radio programming to Australia in 1958 on 2UE.

He earned the affectionate nickname ‘the fifth Beatle’ for accompanying The Beatles on their 1964 tour, marking a career that spanned an impressive 78 years.

Tragically, he passed away at the age of 97 on May 29, 2024, leaving his wife, Jerry, and their four daughters.

Bob Rogers and His Wife Jerry Maintained a Long and Devoted Marriage of 74 years

Bob Rogers and his wife, Jerry Rogers, met her on a blind date after moving to Hobart.

They married three months later and stayed together for the rest of his life with their daughters.

According to the tweet by Bob’s sister, Derryn Hinch, Bob Rogers and his wife, Jerry, were married on June 17. She posted a picture of them and captioned it:

Joyful gathering Sydney Saturday night to celebrate 70th wedding anniversary of my “older brother” Bob Rogers and his wife Jerry. She acknowledged good times and rocky times and delivered line of the year: “ The thread of love holds it together”.

Bob’s daughters were essential to his life, and he even took his two eldest daughters to meet The Beatles during their 1964 travels.

One of his daughters, Sheridan Rogers, is an award-winning food and travel writer, food stylist, and broadcaster.

Additionally, his youngest daughter, Skye Rogers is a commercial artist and is known as Beatles Baby.

Her connection to The Beatles is a charming anecdote. It highlights her father’s significant influence and presence in the music industry during his time.

Moreover, there is no public information about his other two daughters, Brett and Justin.

Bob Rogers was a radio legend and a beloved family man who left an enduring legacy in the hearts of fans and listeners across Australia.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Bob Rogers’ family, friends, and admirers.

The world will remember his contributions to broadcasting for generations to come. May his memory continue to inspire and move us all.

Additional Information

  • Bob Rodgers hosted his late-night TV variety show called The Bob Rodgers Show on Channel Seven.
  • He accompanied “The Beatles” on their 1964 tour through Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • He had the opportunity to meet many US stars during his career, including Doris Day and Michael Bublé before they were famous.
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  1. Another first for him was playing The Girl from Ipanema by Astrid Gilberto in the early heralding the start of the boss’s nova era I went out to buy that single straight away after I heard it.


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