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Talking Black Noir Reveals New Identity in “The Boys” Season 4

The Boys Season 4 is now streaming on Amazon Studios' Prime Video.

In “The Boys” Season 4, the character Black Noir breaks his silence, who was previously known for his persistent muteness.

Member of The SevenBlack, Noir is a mute, darkly costumed superhero in the Amazon series “The Boys.”

In Season 3, the original Black Noir dies after confronting Homelander, who discovers that Soldier Boy is his biological father.

In Season 4, episodes 1-4, the mysterious Black Noir breaks his usual silence and speaks.

His new identity remains a secret, but Vought has replaced the original Black Noir with an actor to maintain appearances.

The Mute Black Noir Replaced by Talking Black Noir in “The Boys”

The original Black Noir’s silence was a defining characteristic of those who never spoke a word.

However, in the latest Season, the actor Nathan Mitchell has lent his voice to the role, allowing the new Black Noir to speak.

Despite this change, the characters still wear the same suit and mask as before. The original Black Noir is replaced by the new one, whose identity remains a mystery in the show.

However, the show doesn’t reveal his identity, and several hints suggest that the replacement might be an actor hired by Vought to fill the role.

In Episode 3, the new Noir scolds Ashley Barrett for needing direction and mentions that he studied performing arts at Godolkin University.

Despite the changes under the mask, Nathan Mitchell still Portrays the character.

Interestingly, the story of Black Noir in Season 4 diverges. Despite sharing a few characteristics, Black Noir has a different backstory in the show from Garth Ennis’ comics.

In the original comic storyline, Black Noir is a clone of Homelander, created to eliminate the real Homelander, but the show takes a different direction.

Regardless, the new Noir still possesses similar powers, making him a valuable asset to The Seven.

So, the once-mute Black Noir now has a voice, and his presence adds plot to the ever-twisted world of The Seven.

The Mystery of Original Black Noir’s Silence and Brutal Confrontation

The original Black Noir was known for his mysterious silence in the series. However, the reason behind his lack of speech has been revealed in the Season 3 Finale.

Previously, in the 1980s, Noir used to work with Soldier Boy as a part of the superhero team Playback.

When Stan Edgar approaches Black Noir with an offer to betray Soldier Boy, he agrees. This leads to a brutal assault by Soldier Boy, leaving Noir scarred and disfigured.

Nathan Mitchell Portrays the character of Black Noir in “The Boys.”(Source: IMDb)

As a result, he loses some brain function, leaving him with the mental capacity of a seven-year-old.

The critical revelation occurs when Black Noir learns that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father.

When Homelander confronts him about this secret, Noir confirms the truth. Their friendship shatters, leading to a brutal confrontation that silences him forever.

Additional Information

  • New Black Noir doesn’t hesitate to beat people to death with his bats in the Episode 1.
  • Black Noir possesses super strength, enhanced durability, and exceptional combat skills.
  • He has a deathly nut allergy that could potentially lead him to death.
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