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Claudia Jessie Shares a Real-Life Romance with Her Partner Cole Edwards

"I got a job and a fella on the same day," Jessie told The Guardian.

Claudia Jessie, known for portraying the cheerful and single Eloise Bridgerton in the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton,” shares a romantic life away from the screen with partner Cole Edwards.

At 34, Claudia Jessie shared a relationship with Cole Edwards, a casting director who was instrumental in securing her prominent part in Bridgerton.

The couple maintains a discreet public profile, occasionally sharing insights into their relationship through interviews.

Claudia Jessie Credits her Partner Cole Edwards for her Success

Jessie has shared some details about their initial meeting during discussions about her audition for ‘Bridgerton.’

I got a job and a fella on the same day,” Jessie told The Guardian.

Claudia Jessie attributes her success in landing the role of Eloise in ‘Bridgerton’ to Cole Edwards, whose casting director role and working-class roots played a pivotal part despite her not having the aristocratic pedigree often linked with such historical series.

In her interview, she shares her emotions about the Bridgerton Series,

I think Bridgerton is brilliant because there are loads of people who wouldn’t usually be seen in those roles as a lady or a duke. Jessie said.

The worldwide fame of ‘Bridgerton’ has significantly altered her life, yet Claudia Jessie, the Birmingham-born actress, handles the changes easily.

She resides in the Jewelry Quarter of her native city with Cole Edwards and their beloved dog.

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She continues to appreciate the simple fact of making a living through acting and feels grateful.

If I can get some cash for acting I’m fucking winning. I didn’t think any of it would happen,” Jessie said.

“If it all went tits-up tomorrow and I died or something, well, my life has been amazing.”

Claudia Jessie

Claudia Jessie’s upcoming endeavor is the short film ‘Booty,’ a creation of her partner Cole’s pen and direction.

At present, she reflects on her unexpected journey from a young girl without aspirations of acting to a cherished figure in ‘Bridgerton,’ one of Netflix’s most acclaimed series, all while cherishing the support of her partner.

 Claudia is also known for her roles in the third series of the BBC One police procedural WPC 56.

Additional Information

  • Claudia is well known for her portrayal of Amelia Sedley in the series “Vanity Fair.”
  • She has had an impressive journey performing in productions and various plays.
  • Claudia is also known for her roles in the third series of the BBC One police procedural WPC 56.
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