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The Aftermath of Anna Stubblefield and Her Husband Roger’s Marital Relationship Following An Affair

Tell Them You Love Me: Misunderstood Love Affair or Tale of Predatory Behavior!

Anna Stubblefield and her Husband, Roger, fell apart after the revelation of her extramarital affair with Derrick Johnson, a non-verbal man with cerebral palsy.

Anna Stubblefield was a former ethics professor at Rutgers University. She gained notoriety for her criminal conviction related to an affair with a non-verbal patient diagnosed with severe cognitive disabilities.

In 2015, she was found guilty of sexually assaulting Derrick Johnson, a disabled man who was 11 years junior.

A documentary titled Tell Them You Love Me explores Anna Stubblefield’s complex and controversial case, featuring exclusive footage and interviews.

Moreover, it examines themes such as disability, race, and the perception of providing a deep view of the events and the people involved.

This documentary will be released on June 14, 2024, on streaming platform Netflix.

Anna Stubblefield and Her Husband Roger’s Marriage Spoiled by Legal Trials

Anna Stubblefield was married to Roger Stubblefield, a professional tuba player and classical composer with whom she had two children.

She revealed that she has fallen in love with Derrick in 2011, two years after they began working together.

This disclosure shocked Johnson’s family and led to significant legal and personal consequences for Stubblefield.

Regarding her marriage, it was reported that Stubblefield’s relationship with her husband deteriorated following the revelation of her affair with Johnson.

She also expressed her intention to leave her husband for Derrick and said:

“I will leave my husband, and I will make a permanent life and home with Derrick.”

Regarding the case, when Derrick Johnson’s brother asked if he had been taken advantage of, he reportedly typed a response saying:


“No one’s been taken advantage of. I’ve been trying to seduce Anna for years, and she resisted valiantly.”

Stubblefield was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

However, her sentence was later overturned on appeal because the original trial judge refused to allow a facilitated communication expert to testify on her behalf. Additionally, evidence suggests Johnson was mentally capable of making his own decisions.

Despite her claims of a loving relationship, observers have widely questioned the nature of their interaction and its consensual status.

Moreover, the docu-series showcases the suffering of Anna’s daughter, Zoe, who was 16 years old at the time, as she is compelled to testify in her mother’s case.

During the sentencing hearing, Zoe described the barely tolerable abuse she endured from her father, Roger Stubblefield.

The mother and daughter were victims of domestic violence, and Zoe spoke in her mother’s defense.

Take a look at the “Tell Them You Love Me” trailer:

This case received significant media attention and was the subject of documentaries and news.

Moreover, following the legal proceedings, Anna has chosen to live a private life and distance herself from public attention. However, there is no information whether she lives with her children or ex-husband.

Additional Information

  • Derrick who has nevery spoken a word in his life due to cerebral palsy, was introduced to Anna by his brother, John.
  • Anna was terminated from job at the university after her arrest.
  • Anna was 41 years old and Derrick was 30 years old when they were involved in the controversial relationship.
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  1. The controversy is real and I wanted to learn so much more. I have tried facilitated communication with my nonspeaking son, and it was extremely one-sided. The teacher was prompting him constantly and she charged a lot of money. If, in fact, Derek could convey his thoughts and feelings as she reported, my view would be different, but I did not feel like I learned the true story from the documentary

    • That’s awesome that you even had the opportunity to work with FC, when you say “prompted” does that mean she was suggestive ? Was your som still able to use most of his own words using this method ? I’m just curious, this documentary was good, but I felt they packed too much in a short time and left too many open questions. I honestly cannot choose a side based on what I know from watching .


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