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Crystal Palace Uses Her Psychic Power To Defeat The Evil Esther Finch In The Series Dead Boy Detectives

Explore the supernatural themes with a mix of humor and horror.

In Dead Boy Detectives, Crystal Palace uses her psychic powers to defeat Esther Finch. Crystal figures out that Finch had kidnapped a little girl and was keeping her in her house. 

Dead Boy Detectives is a captivating series blending the themes of action, horror, comedy-drama, and supernatural elements.

The show centers on Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine, who remain on Earth after deciding not to enter the afterlife.

They take on the role of detectives to solve crimes involving supernatural phenomena and help ghosts resolve their mysteries.

The series premiered its first season with all eight episodes on Netflix on April 25, 2025.

How Does Crystal Palace Defeat Esther Finch At The End Of Dead Boy Detectives?

Crystal Palace is a significant character in the “Dead Boy Detectives” series portrayed by Kassius Nelson.

She is a psychic medium in the supernatural adventures of the main characters, Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine.

Crystal’s backstory is quite compelling in the series. She was introduced as the subject of a case brought to the Dead Boy Detectives by the ghost of a child named Emma.

Her psychic abilities allowed her to see Emma and discover that Esther Finch, the primary antagonist, played by Jenn Lyon, had kidnapped her.

Further, Esther Finch is a complex character, a witch with a tragic backstory and a ruthless pursuit of immortality.

Esther’s life was marked by betrayal and loss, which led her to embrace dark magic after being betrayed by her unfaithful husband.

She took revenge by killing her husband and his mistress and then turned to the goddess Lilith to gain the power of immortality.

However, this immortality came at a cost, as it did not include eternal youth. To maintain her youth, she resorted to kidnapping young girls and feeding them to a giant snake.

Moreover, after Crystal discovers this, a series of events set off, during which the detective boys, along with Crystal, attempt to rescue the child from Esther’s clutches.

With Charles and Edwin’s help, the three manage to sneak into Finch’s house and find the captured child.

Further, the turning point comes when Crystal peers into Finch’s mind, and Edwin possesses her, allowing them to escape.

Despite Finch’s elaborate plans for revenge and her use of black magic to gain immortality and power, the Dead Boy Detectives and Crystal’s psychic abilities manage to outwit her.

Additional Information

  • Dead Boy Detectives is based on the DC Comics characters created by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner.
  • Kassius Nelson is a British Soap Award Winner for Best On-Screen Partnership with Richard Linell in Hollyoaks.
  • The season finale has been described as strong, leaving room for more development and possibly hinting at a second season
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