Hannah Love Lanier Has A Supportive Parents, TJ And Marquita Lanier

Hannah gained attention for her supporting role alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as Charlie in the 2024 movie "Roadhouse."

Hannah Love Lanier’s Parents
Hannah Love Lanier is a young actress who was recently featured in the movie Roadhouse.

Hannah Love Lanier’s exceptional performance in the recent film “Roadhouse” has brought focus to her personal life, especially highlighting her parents, TJ and Marquita Lanier.

Hannah Love is a young actress, model, television personality, and media face from Los Angeles, California, US.

She is popularly known for her role as Zoe Saldana’s daughter in the 2023 television series, “Special Ops: Lioness.

Furthermore, besides her involvement in acting, Hannah is also seen participating in various athletic competitions.

Hannah Love Lanier’s Parents Are Pillars Of Support In Her Career

Hannah’s father, TJ Lanier, and mother, Marquita Lanier, are integral figures in her life, providing unwavering support at every turn.

Her father, TJ Lanier, is a stage singer, writer, and guitarist who has passed artistic gens into Hannah’s life.

The professional and personal information regarding her mother has not yet been revealed.

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Moreover, within her family, her grandfather, Joe Terry, was an Emmy Award-winning director of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Hannah’s interest in acting arose from her father’s talent and her grandfather’s work as a film director, illustrating how her family’s creativity shaped her journey.

In her family, Hannah Love also has a younger brother named Zion Lanier, and they used to run a YouTube channel together.

Hannah Love Lanier An Emerging Talent: How Old Is She?

Hannah Love Lanier was born on 27th February 2008 in Los Angeles, California, US.

She spent most of her childhood alongside her brother Zion in LA, California.

Hannah follows the Christian faith in terms of her religion, as both parents come from Christian families.

Moreover, Hannah showed an early interest in athletics, participating and achieving success in various sports competitions.

She showcased her national-level athletic skills by attending the USATF National Junior Olympics 2018 for Long Jump.

Furthermore, Hannah’s acting journey began with her debut in the television series The Tiny Mighty Club.

Additional Information

  • Hannah portrays the role of Zoe Saldana’s daughter, Kate, in the television series Special Ops Lioness.
  • “Roadhouse” marks Hannah Love’s debut film; however, it wasn’t her first time appearing on screen.
  • Hannah Love has a younger brother named Zion Lanier.


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