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Jeanne Córdova Wife Lynn Harris Ballen is An Adoptee!

Jeanne Córdova and her wife, Lynn Harris Ballen, had been married for 21 years.

Even in her absence, Jeanne Córdova’s wife, Lynn Harris Ballen, a radio host, glorifies her legacy through her active advocacy and activism for the community.

Jeanne Córdova was an American writer and advocate for lesbian and gay rights. She significantly impacted the LGBTQ+ movement.

Born in Germany in 1948, Jeanne moved to California, where she became a proficient writer, journalist, and author.

Unfortunately, the second oldest of twelve children, Jeanne, succumbed to metastatic brain cancer on January 10, 2016.

Lynn Harris Ballen: A Leading Voice in Activism and Feminist Advocacy

Lynn Harris Ballen is a senior producer and co-host of Feminist Magazine. She is also widely known as a passionate feminist and queer cultural activist.

Born and raised in South Africa, the daughter of Frederick John Harris, Lynn, has spent a prolonged time in activism in Los Angeles.

The feminist celebrates her birthday on May 29; however, intricate details concerning her birth year remain unknown.

Lynn is currently a board member of DykeDay LA. Likewise, she is also part of the founding committee for the first Lambda LGBTQ Litfest.

The radio host is also approachable on Medium, where she shares her opinions as a writer and critical optimist.

Lynn’s religious Instagram posts vividly show her commitment to supporting the community.

Lynn Harris Ballen’s Emotional Reflection on Her Reunion with Her Birth Family

On December 1, 2019, Lynn took to her Instagram on the 30th to commemorate her reunion with her birth family on November 28, 1989.

The activist reflected on a significant personal milestone, stating that 30 years ago, she met her birth family for the first time.

This reunion was so impactful for the radio host that she called it their “ReBirthday,” indicating a new beginning or rebirth in their life.

She poured her mixed feelings of celebration, nostalgia, and the emotional part of reconnecting with her roots all at once.

Jeanne Córdova and Lynn Harris Ballen Were Married for Over Two Decades

Cordova and Lynn married in August 1995 in the Hollywood Hills. However, precise details surrounding the timeline of their relationship remain unknown.

They spent several years in Mexico following their wedding before settling in Southern California in 2007.

Jeanne and Lynn lived in several places, including the Hollywood Hills, Todos Santos, and more.

Despite the physical absence, Jeanne remains vivid and immortal in Lynn’s memories, like she never left the world.

Lynn occasionally reminisces about their past experiences by sharing pictures from their old time on her Instagram.

She honors their relationship through her ongoing devotion to the community, particularly in activism.

Additional Information

  • Jeanne Córdova’s wife, Lynn Harris Ballen, has two brothers.
  • The proficient writer, Jeanne, is a graduate of California State University.
  • Jeanne earned several awards, including the Lammy Award, Golden Crown Literary Society, and more.
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