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Launch! On The Sea With Scotland’s Lifeboats

Launch! On The Sea With Scotland’s Lifeboats dives into archive footage of RNLI crews, with an immersive soundtrack from some of the UK’s most exciting contemporary musicians.

Directed by award-winning curator Shona Thomson, the film has been two years in the making with unprecedented access to the RNLI’s own archives.

1920s film is woven with 1960s colour promos and breath-taking digital video captured by RNLI crews’ 21st century helmet cameras whilst out on the wild sea.

Launch! celebrates the dedication of Scotland’s volunteer crews and the communities that support them, including a glimpse of Aberdeen.

These screenings will be followed by an in-person Q&A with director Shona Thomson, RNLI Community Manager Spencer Harris and crew members from RNLI Aberdeen. Fundraisers will also be on hand with opportunities to support the lifesaving work of the RNLI. 

DirectorShona Thomson
Run Time44 mins
Release Year2021
Country Of OriginUK
Prakriti Paudel
Prakriti Paudel
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