Fan Theories Link Jessica Gunning’s Baby Reindeer Role To What Remains Weight Loss

Jessica Gunning appeared in The Scandalous Lady W on BBC Two.

jessica gunning baby reindeer
Jessica Gunning is an English television and theatre actress with a rich career spanning various roles. (Source:IMDb)

Jessica Gunning’s physical transformation, which involved weight loss for her role as Melissa Young, may have influenced her portrayal of Martha in ‘Baby Reindeer.

Jessica Gunning, born in Holmfirth, UK, is an accomplished actress known for her roles in various TV shows and films.

In the Netflix series Baby Reindeer, she plays the role of Martha, a troubled fantasist who becomes a stalker.

The series is based on the true story of Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, who a woman stalks after a brief encounter in a London pub.

Gadd wrote and stars in the series as Donny Dunn, an aspiring comedian whose life is turned upside down by Martha’s actions.

Speculation Arise On Jessica Gunning’s Weight Loss Since What Remains Drama

No specific information indicates that Jessica Gunning underwent a weight loss journey for her role in Baby Reindeer.

However, Jessica Gunning has played roles where her character’s weight was a topic within the story in What Remains.

In this drama, she played a murder victim who struggled with her weight. This might lead fans to pay closer attention to her physical appearance in other roles.

Jessica Gunning had a lead role as Melissa Young in the BBC drama What Remains. (Source: IMDb)

However, it’s important to note that any rumor is just speculation unless Jessica Gunning publicly shares information about a weight loss journey.

The role required her to portray a complex character with mental health issues.

Moreover, the preparation for the role mainly emphasized emotions and thoughts rather than changing their physical appearance.

Gunning’s performance has been noted for its depth and complexity, avoiding the portrayal of Martha as a one-dimensional villain.

Jessica Gunning’s Role On Baby Reindeer Mainly Focus On Emotions Than Physical Appearance

Jessica Gunning plays the character Martha in the Netflix miniseries Baby Reindeer.

She portrays a fictionalized version of the real-life stalker who harassed Scottish comedian Richard Gadd for several years. She also stalked him outside his home, at work, and during his comedy performances.

Moreover, she even harassed his loved ones, including his parents and a trans woman he was dating.

Jessica starred as Martha in the Netflix series Baby Reindeer.

While the show is based on true events, some details were altered for the screen adaptation.

In real life, Martha had a different fate after Gadd’s ordeal. She was not imprisoned because Gadd didn’t want to imprison someone who was mentally unwell.

Moreover, Gunning’s performance captures the essence of Martha’s character, although it’s not a fact-by-fact profile of the real-life stalker.

Additional Information

  • Jessica graduated from Rose Bruford College in 2007 and began her stage career at the National Theatre.
  • On television, she has appeared in shows such as Doctor Who, Law & Order: UK, and Life of Riley.
  • On television, she guest-starred in the “Doctor Who” episode “Partners in Crime”.


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