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Ken Urker Shared His Joyful Life with His Mother, Riana Williams

Gypsy said Ken is a bit of a nerd but really nice. 

Ken Urker, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s ex-fiance, has recently reunited with her, prompting Gypsy to spend time with Ken’s parents, especially his mother, Raina Williams.

Ken Urker has been in the spotlight recently due to his relationship with Gypsy-Rose Blanchard.

Gypsy and Ken were engaged previously, as Ken proposed to her in October 2018 while she was in prison.

However, their relationship ended due to personal issues, leading them to part ways.

Ken Urker’s Parents were Incredibly Supportive of his Relationship With Gypsy

Ken Urker was born in October 1992 and raised by his parents and brother in Texas, United States.

Urker has a supportive mother, Raina Williams, while details about his father have not been disclosed in the media.

Apart from his mother, Ken is also seen to be very close to his grandmother, with whom he shares his joy, as evidenced by his Instagram.

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As per Gypsy, Ken’s family was very supportive and loveable, especially his mother, Raina, who was very happy about their relationship.

She also says that Ken came from a huge family, “and he is one of the five ” in the family.

When Ken asked Gypsy to meet his family, Gypsy was unsure about it as she was the girl from prision.

During Gypsy’s interview with E! News, Gypsy shared what Ken had said about his family to her for her to feel safe,

No my mom has watched the documentary and my grandma has watched the documentary and my grandma, my brother and everybody has watched it so they know your story and they do have a heart for you.’ So I didn’t have to explain everything, it was sort of already known when I came into the picture.

Gypsy Rose

Ken and Gypsy have experienced ups and downs in their relationship, including a previous breakup.

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However, they were recently seen together in the media following Gypsy’s breakup with her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson.

Additional Information

  • HBO documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest detailed Gypsy’s early life and the abuse she endured from her mother.
  • After watching this documentary, Ken began writing letters to Gypsy, which marked the beginning of their relationship.
  • Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup is a documentary series by Lifestyle that tells the story of Gypsy’s experiences after prison and provides information about her relationship with Ken.
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