Liam Garrigan As PS Bob Blake In Crime Series The Long Shadow

Liam Garrigan The Long Shadow
Liam Garrigan played a crucial role in the Yorkshire Ripper case.

Liam Garrigan appears in the crime drama series The Long Shadow, where he plays PS Bob Blake, who is involved in the case of identifying the serial killer in Yorkshire.

The series The Long Shadow (2024) delves into the Yorkshire Ripper murders, focusing on the victims, their families, and the detectives involved in the case.

The series begins in 1975 with the brutal murder of a mother of four and follows Detective Chief Superintendent Dennis Hoban as he leads the investigation.

Despite the lack of leads and increasing pressure, Hoban’s dedication to the victims and their families drives his pursuit of the truth. 

Moreover, the seven-episode series is set to premiere two episodes on Thursday, March 21, 2024, on Sundance Now and AMC+.

Liam Garrigan Role In The Crime Series The Long Shadow

In the TV series The Long Shadow, PS Bob Blake, portrayed by Liam Garrigan, is involved in investigating serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper.

He plays the supporting role of the police sergeant and is not present throughout the entire miniseries.

In the second episode, after the death of Emily Jackson, the second victim of Peter, the search for the killer further intensifies.

During this episode, PS Bob Blake, alongside WPC Anna Lawson, engages Nicola Briggs in a conversation.

Briggs is a significant character in the case as she was present near Emily Jackson on the evening of her demise.

They conduct their questioning inside the patrol vehicle, indicating a pivotal moment that connects Briggs to the central investigation led by Blake and Lawson.

Moreover, this interaction underscores PS Bob Blake’s active involvement in unraveling the case.

The Long Shadow Main Plot Leaked

The Long Shadow is a true-crime drama miniseries, not a fictional story.

The series mainly focuses on the real-life events surrounding the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, serial killer Peter Sutcliffe.

It chronicles the brutal five-year investigation by the police in Yorkshire, England, between 1975 and 1980.

Further, the story begins in 1975 when Wilma McCann, a mother of four, is brutally murdered near her home.

Additionally, the plot goes on to follow the story, with more murder cases registering every day.

In between those five years, 13 women were victims of Peter’s attack. While seven others were lucky to be alive after they managed to survive his invasions.

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As the series progresses, the police finally are able to take Peter into their custody in 1981. 

Since it’s a true story, the plot adheres to the documented events of the Yorkshire Ripper investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Director Of The Long Shadow?

The director of The Long Shadow is Lewis Arnold. He skillfully brought the chilling events and historical context to life.

Who Stars In The Criminal Series The Long Shadow?

The talented actors in the series bring the intense drama and suspense of the Yorkshire Ripper case to life. The main stars include Katherine Kelly, Kris Hitchen, Mark Stobbart, Toby Jones, and David Morrissey.

What Happens At The End Of The Series?

In the end, the police department finally arrests Peter Sutcliffe. After various questions by the Sheffield detectives, he admits to his crime.


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