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Marj Hogarth’s Journey from Stage to Stitch as an Actor and Handmade Bag Designer

Marj Hogarth’s thirty years in acting didn’t bring her the recognition she sought.

Former Scottish actress Marj Hogarth once graced the screen with her dynamic performances in the TV series Rab C. Nesbitt and M.I. High, where she effortlessly portrayed versatile roles.

Marj Hogarth is an entrepreneur and actress best known for her portrayal of Still Game, The Karen Dunbar Show, and many more.

Additionally, she mentioned that prior to her involvement with vintage clothing, she crafted bags out of coffee sacks.

Marj Hogarth’s Acting Career Didn’t Get Better Over Time

Hogarth’s acting credit in sitcoms includes Badults, Rab C. Nesbitt, and M.I. High. She also has been part of the podcast series “Fags Mags and Bags” for 25 episodes.

In a detailed interview with thefrankmaazine, Marj revealed how she started her business when the world faced lockdown.

Hook and Hatchet was basically born out of the current pandemic. I was desperate to find something creative to fill my time, so I had some old clothes and began experimenting.”

Additionally, she shared a heartwarming story, mentioning that when she was just starting out, her friends Nia, Saul, and Rachel brought her a large pile of clothes, which she used to make her first bags.

Likewise, Marj expressed her excitement about her bags being carried across the globe and mentioned:

it’s always exciting when an order comes in, and I love seeing where the things I’ve made are heading. I love imagining where my bags will end up.

Marj’s passion for making earth-friendly bags is now her fun way of earning money for her family.

Marj Hogarth’s Long Lost Spotlight Came Along With Her Husband On Channel 4’s Show

Featuring in the show, the couple transformed a 160-year-old chapel and Sunday School building worth £200,000 into their residence, including a large pottery studio.

Keith made his first media presence as an expert judge alongside Kate Malone on BBC2’s The Great Pottery Throw Down.

Additionally, he wrote and published his autobiography, Boy in a China Shop: Life, Clay, and Everything.

Keith and his wife, Marj, have a son named Ned, who is 20 years old. In an interview, Marj spoke about the difficulties her past marriage brought to her entrepreneurial ambitions.

Together, they run a website where Keith’s ceramic cups and Marj’s handmade clothes are set to sell to the public. Their relationship seems full of creativity, shared interests, and mutual support.

Additional Information

  • Keith told that his biggest money mistake was gifting her ex-wife house worth of $450,000.
  • Marj Hogarth said that each bag she makes has its own story and creates it according to her customer’s demand.
  • When Marj was seven, she used to collect some old clothes and used to stich it to make a new design.
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