Exploring Jennifer’s Dark Journey Through A Review Of Netflix Documentary What Jennifer Did

Jennifer was a perfect daughter before the incident occurred.

What Jennifer Did Netflix Review
What Jennifer Did is a Netflix documentary based on true events.


  • What Jennifer Did portrays the psychological struggle within Jennifer Pan and delivers a suspenseful narrative based on true events.
  • The documentary draws heavily from research and police footage, revealing the text messages between Jennifer and Wong discussing the hitman.
  • The film provides a chilling glance into the mind of a young woman whose web of lies ultimately led to tragedy and a life sentence. 

The Netflix documentary “What Jennifer Did” delves into the true story of Jennifer Pan, a young woman from Ontario, Canada.

This documentary series has gained the audience’s attention for portraying real-life events in the cinematic universe.

The documentary combines police interrogation footage, reenactments, and interviews with investigators and those close to the Pan family.

Furthermore, this TV series reveals how the little innocent girl from Canada turned into the parent’s killer.

Reviews For “What Jennifer Did” Vary From Exceptional Storytelling To Critiques For Not Meeting Expectations

What Jennifer Did

What Jennifer Did

Netflix documentary based on the true story of Jennifer Pan.


Release dateApril 10, 2024 (UK)
DirectorJenny Popplewell
CastFernando Baldassini, Samantha Chang, Alan Cooke
WritersJenny Popplewell
Runtime1h 47m

This Netflix documentary delves into the life of Jennifer Pan, whose web of lies led to her becoming the prime suspect in her mother’s murder.

The documentary opens with the harrowing scene of Jennifer Pan dialing 911, reporting an ongoing robbery at her residence and the sound of gunfire.

This opening scene of What Jennifer Did has captured the audience’s attention, earning acclaim for its impactful and engaging opening.

Take a look at the trailer here,

This Netflix movie has a 57% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Likewise, What Jennifer Did’s narration received a 6.1 out of 10 IMDb ratings from 3,000 users.

This Netflix documentary captured an audience who were familiar with the incident and those who were not because of its thrilling mystery.

Moreover, on Metacritic, the movie is described as engaging but not more revealing than a quick perusal of Jennifer’s Wikipedia page.

The movie has received mixed reviews from viewers; some described it as an exceptional way of storytelling.

On the other hand, some are disappointed because it fails to meet their expectations of thrill and mystery.

Moreover, the movie has been recognized for its dark portrayal of the real-life character and cast performance.

Jennifer Pan’s Transformation From Being A Perfect Daughter To Directing A Home Invasion Plan

Analyzing this Netflix documentary, we can see that the movie has captured some audiences with its thrilling story plot.

Meanwhile, the audience familiar with this case is not fully satisfied with its portrayal.

The portrayal of the investigators as they grapple with the complexities and confounding elements of the case adds a layer of intrigue that keeps the audience engaged.

As the movie progresses, we discover Jennifer’s lies, including fake university certificates and about her boyfriend, Danial Wong.

We can also see that Jennifer’s parents, Huie Hann and Bich Hann, were a bit more strict over her and had expectations about their daughter’s future.

Moreover, as the story continues to explore the psychological factors that influenced Jennifer’s decisions, we can see the change in Jennifer’s thinking.

As we discover Jennifer’s transition phase, we can enjoy its thrill and engaging mind battle.

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Furthermore, Jennifer’s inner turmoil drives her to orchestrate a home invasion with her boyfriend Wong and a hired assassin, resulting in her mother’s death and leaving her father in a coma.

Later, when Jennifer’s father returns from a coma, he confirms the truth about the case, bringing the twisting plot to the story.

Huie Hann’s confession brings the movie climax to the end, revealing the truth about Jennifer’s idea of a home invasion.

The movie promises an exhilarating journey for those unfamiliar with the case and an engaging performance for those who know the true story.

Overall, this Netflix documentary is worth watching for its tragic and thrilling story plot and its internal conflict idea.


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