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Nava Mau Was Facing Body Image Issues Before Surgery Which Led Her To The Journey Of Transition

Nava worked for 8 years in the fields of anti-violence, healing justice, and political education.

Nava Mau is an Award-winning filmmaker and actress who appeared in the recently released series Baby Reindeer as Teri. She has been praised for her captivating performance in the series.

Nava Mau is mainly recognized for her multifaceted talents as a writer, producer, and cultural worker.

Mau wrote, produced, directed, and starred in “Waking Hour,” a short film screened in film festivals worldwide.

Moreover, Mau’s appearance in the HBO Max series “Generation” as Ana led her to gain popularity in acting.

The Multifaceted Nava Mau’s Transformative Journey To Becoming A Trans Woman

Nava Mau was born in Mexico City on May 14, 1992, to her mother, Rae-Ellen Levy Navarro, and her father.

Mau’s path to accepting her trans identity is deeply personal and significant. She proudly embraces her trans womanhood.

Moreover, around 2011, Nava was going through treatment for anorexia nervosa after fighting body image issues and disordered eating for a decade.

This condition prompted her initial phase of surgery, which allowed her to become more open and liberated in expressing her true self.

Later, in 2015, she embarked on another transition phase, after which she has lived a life of fullness and freedom.

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Despite the challenges from the past, Nava now has established herself as a successful and happy individual.

Furthermore, her cultural work and acting involvement reflect Nava’s dynamic nature and success story, shaped by her complicated past.

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Nava Mau’s Surgical Journey Inspired Her Advocacy As A Counselor For LGBTQ Violence Survivors

Nava began her advocacy work by providing legal assistance to immigrant violence survivors.

Later, she transitioned to working as a peer counselor and advocate for LGBTQ survivors of violence in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Moreover, Nava offered emotional support, guidance, and advocacy, creating a safe space for survivors to share their experiences.

Having faced similar struggles, Nava remained dedicated to her role, channeling her experiences into assisting others in improving their lives.

For more than eight years, Nava dedicated her life to assisting others and bringing cultural change through her experience.

Overall, she has been awarded the NewFest Audience Award and the YoSoy Award from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation for her dedication and work.

Additional Information

  • Apart from the entertainment industry, Nava worked in healing justice and culture change with community-based service providers, student organizations, and survivors of violence.
  • Nava was selected as a Production Fellow for the Netflix documentary “Disclosure,” and worked as a producer on the short film “Work,” which premiered at Sundance.
  • Nava received her BA in Linguistics & Cognitive Science from Pomona College. She studied in Paris and conducted research in Guadalajara, Mexico.
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  1. I’m what people would class as a traditional heterosexual male and in an earlier life an alpha male. Not so much anymore. The reason I say this is through my life I never really looked at the trans world, I think because of the life I lived. When I saw Nava Mau I was blown away. I knew she was trans but it didn’t bother me not one bit. She is stunning and it made me happy that she is happy. Baby Reindeer mixed up feelings in me but I loved every second of it with Nava being the pinnacle. I wish her the very best and the main character


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