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BSA Film Friday “Live”

Short Film

Programme 120 minutes

Rated 12A

Join Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington (Founders of the influential art blog Brooklyn Street Art) as they present their pick of the very best and most recent short films exploring street art and its associated movements. Short form video as a medium for storytelling is becoming more prevalent and important across all media and digital platforms today and BSA celebrates it every Friday with street art and graffiti-inspired videos from many angles and many countries. Expect to see some of the most entertaining, interesting and remarkable films on the subject around, as BSA’s broad brushstroke introduces new works to the genre that others often miss.

Sadhana Giri
Sadhana Giri
Sadhana Giri is an author and content writer specializing in film and SEO. With a passion for cinema and a knack for optimizing content, she crafts engaging articles that captivate audiences while boosting online visibility.


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