Rachel Horne Bids Farewell As She Is Leaving Virgin Radio

Rachel Horne disclosed her skin cancer diagnosis in September 2023.

Rachel Horne virgin radio
Rachel Horne is a Northern Irish newsreader and journalist, known for presenting the BBC children’s news programme Newsround.

Rachel Horne is leaving The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio for personal reasons to dedicate more time to her family and personal life.

Rachel Horne is a Northern Irish newsreader and journalist born in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

She is the daughter of Terry Gibson, a former magistrate from Belfast, and Anne Daly, who hails from Belleek.

Horne joined Virgin Radio UK as a breakfast show newsreader in January 2019.

Before that, she presented the BBC children’s news program Newsround from 2002 until 2006.

Rachel Horne Announces Her Departure From Virgin Radio

After five years, Rachel Horne has announced leaving The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio.

She made an announcement on March 28, 2024, expressing gratitude for her time on the show and sharing some of the highlights of her experience.

In her heartfelt announcement, she expressed that while she cherished her role and the identity it gave her, she also valued the other roles in her life.

Reflecting on the unique experiences and memories gained from the show, she recalled work trips, celebrity encounters, and special events.

Rachel emphasized that her desire to balance her professional life with her commitments and aspirations influenced her decision.

She stated:

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From the details of her announcement, Rachel Horne’s departure from Virgin Radio does not appear to be directly related to her health.

She recounted memorable experiences and thanked the Virgin Radio team and listeners for their support.

This suggests her decision was based on personal reflection rather than health concerns.

It’s important to respect her privacy and any personal reasons she may have for leaving the show.

Rachel Horne’s Role As Vibrant Co-Host And Newsreader

Rachel Horne was co-host and newsreader for The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio.

She joined the team in January 2019 and has been a significant presence on the show.

Additionally, she is known for her ability to deliver news in a way that is informative and suitable for a family breakfast show.

Her responsibilities included providing regular news bulletins, and she was also appreciated for her knowledge, humor, and the unique touch she brought to the show.

Moreover, her role extended beyond just news reading; she was an integral part of the team, contributing to the show’s identity and rapport with the audience.

Additional Information

  • Rachel Hornet was married to comedian Alex Horne, who had been well-known as the creator of Taskmaster since 2005.
  • Rachel Hornet has three children: Thomas, Barnaby, and Dara.
  • Rachel Horne is of Northern Irish ethnicity and has been identified as Catholic.


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