Snapped Season 25 Episode 7 Is All About The Twisted Tale Of Sharon Halstead

From normal life to chilling crime, the mother of two Sharon Halstead’s life took a dark turn after the tragic incident.

Sharon Halstead wikipedia
Sharon Halstead was found guilty in the execution of a young mother.

Sharon Halstead, a central figure in the true-crime series Snapped, was embroiled in a chilling case that unfolded in Season 25 episode 7.

Snapped is an American true crime television series that delves into high-profile or bizarre cases involving women accused of murder.

With each episode outlining the motivation for murder, season 25, episode 7 talks about Sharon Halstead.

The episode elaborates on the motive and story behind the execution of a young mother in Grants Pass.

This tragic case highlights the intersection of faith, delusion, and violence and the disturbing events surrounding Sharon.

Moreover, this case now leaves the small Oregon town forever scarred by the events of that fateful night.

Sharon Halstead Was Convicted Culpable In The Case Of Lynnann Green

Sharon Halstead, born in February 1952, was involved in a chilling and tragic incident in Grants Pass, Oregon, in November 1988.

She was a divorcee residing in Grants Pass with her two young sons, Leo and Harry Shively, who were 9 and 12 years old then.

She had then invited her younger sister, Deborah, to live with them during that time.

One fateful night, she, along with her sister, committed a series of violent acts that left lives shattered.

Sharon Halstead was a childhood friend of the Greene family, who were the victims of the shooting along with Marston Lemke.

The Halsteads and the Greenes were part of an Adventist off-shoot prayer group that believed in receiving angel messages.

An angel named the Naked Truth supposedly communicated with 9-year-old Leo.

Sharon Halstead wikipedia
Sharon Halstead had previously been in a troubled marriage.

According to Leo, the angel would tell him if things or people were “totaled,” meaning evil possessed them.

Leo first claimed that his uncle, Michael, was “totaled” and attempted to kill him.

When they didn’t find Michael, they killed Marston Lemke about three days before Lynnann’s murder.

Later, Leo declared that the Greenes were also possessed, so they went to the Greene residence.

In the residence, Sharon shot David as he tried to escape and then turned the gun on Lynnann Greene and their son.

Sharon believed that her family would be possessed if she did not carry out these killings.

Moreover, Sharon, currently 72, was sentenced to a minimum sentence of 75 years in prison for these heinous crimes.

What Happens In The Season 25 Episode 7 Of Snapped?

Season 25, Episode 7 of the true-crime series Snapped, delves into the chilling case of Sharon Lee Halstead.

On November 5, 1988, authorities responded to reports of gunfire at the Greene residence in Grants Pass.

David and Lynnann Greene lived there with their 2-year-old son, Nathaniel, who were all the victims of the shooting.

While David and their son survived but were critically injured, 32-year-old Lynnann Green tragically died at the scene.

Season 25 Episode 7
David and Lynnann Greene were a happy couple residing in Grants Pass with their son.

Witnesses reported seeing a red truck driving away from the house after the gunshots.

The police traced the vehicle to another murder in Yamhill County, Oregon.

There, they found 58-year-old ranch hand Marston Lemke shot three times with a .38caliber firearm, similar to the Greene residence.

The truck was missing from the ranch, along with a horse carrier, a horse, and other items. These were later found in Grants Pass.

Investigators eventually focused on the Halstead sisters, who were arrested after a SWAT team surrounded their house.

Similarly, Leo and Harry were also present during the arrest but didn’t face any legal consequences.

Additional Information

  • Nathaniel was found slumped in his high chair, covered in blood. Emergency surgery was performed to save his life, but tragically, he was paralyzed from the chest down as a result of the injuries.
  • In May 1989, Deborah Halstead, then about 31 years old, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder. She was sentenced to two twenty-year terms in jail.
  • Sharon is now serving her life imprisonment at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon.


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