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Rapper Brother Marquis’s Net Worth Touched Millions, Thanks to His Extensive Music Career

2 Live Crew rapper, Brother Marquis, had a daughter whose identity remains concealed.

Mark D. Ross, better known by his stage name, Brother Marquis, was a rapper known as a member of “2 Live Crew.” He earned a significant fortune throughout his extensive music career to sustain a sound life.

Born on April 4, 1966, in Rochester, New York, Brother Marquis started his musical journey in the early 1980s with his group The Cautious Crew.

Eventually, following his recruitment in 2 Live Crew, the rapper earned significant recognition for his battle rap abilities.

2 Live Crew member Brother Marquis passed away on June 3, 2024, at 58. However, the precise cause of his demise has not been disclosed so far.

A Stroll to Brother Marquis’s Legacy of Impact and Success in the Hip-Hop Scene

Brother Marquis, a rapper, earned a notable sum from his several sources of income, primarily from his music career, tours, and related initiatives.

Although his career credits are easily available online, the late rapper didn’t reveal his precise assets to the public.

Given his lengthy career trajectory of 41 years, it is fair to assume that Brother Marquis had a net worth of $3 million.

Also, we ought to remember that the above-given figure may not account for all his assets.

If not, the estimates may vary, however, the rapper greatly impacted the hip-hop scene during his career.

Unlike other artists from the genre, the rapper maintained a down-to-earth attitude without flaunting his million-dollar assets.

As a member of 2 Live Crew alongside Fresh Kid Ice, Mr. Mixx, and Uncle Luke, Brother Marquis had a breakthrough with their debut album “The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are.”

Likewise, the American group made history with their third album, “As Nasty As They Wanna Be,” in 1989.

Though the album was considered legally indecent, it recorded sales of over a million copies, securing a massive profit.

Likewise, 2 Live Crew released two albums, Banned in the U.S.A. and Sports Weekend: As Nasty as They Wanna Be, Pt. 2, before the dispersion.

According to the report, both albums sold 500,000 copies, regardless of national scrutiny.

Besides his group involvement, Brother Marquis ventured on several musical endeavors in the early 1990s.

He continued to showcase his musical capability, forming the duo 2 Nazty with DJ Toomp.

During the same year, after the disbandment, the rapper collaborated with rapper Ice-T on the track “99 Problems.”

Not to forget, Brother Marquis also released the solo album “Bottom Boi Style Vol.1 in 2003.

Also, the rapper reunited with his 2 Live Crew collaborators at various points through the 2000s and 2010s.

The group members, including Uncle Luke, Fresh Kid Ice, and Brother Marquis, reunited for brief tours in 2012 and 2015, earning him a decent fortune.

Likewise, the rapper also leveraged his comedic talent in commercial parody and was known for recording parodies of other artists.

Undoubtedly, the American rapper Brother Marquis left an everlasting impact on the hip-hop scenario.

Meanwhile, we offer our heartfelt condolences to the rapper’s family and friends. The music industry will undoubtedly miss this incredible talent for his distinctive works.

Additional Information

  • Brother Marquis followed Christian belief. He was reportedly a born again Christian.
  • 2 Live Crew rapper Brother Marquis spent his early life in Rochester, before moving to Los Angeles with his mother.
  • He had worked with different labels including Luke Records, Playalistic Entertainment, Altitude Records, and Lil’ Joe Records.
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