Richard Moore A Silent Film Star Was Married To An American Singer Jane Powell

Dickie Moore appeared in over 100 films until the early 1950s.

richard moore wife
John Richard Moore Jr., known professionally as Dickie Moore, was an American actor.

Richard Moore was a famous American actor, producer, and businessman known for having three wives. One of his wives was the well-known American Singer and actress Jane Powell.

Richard, professionally known as Dickie Moore, was one of the last surviving actors to have appeared in silent films.

Moreover, he made his acting and screen debut at the age of 18 months in the 1927 John Barrymore film The Beloved Rogue (1927) as a baby.

Richard was a busy and popular actor during his childhood. His appearance in the Our Gang series and films such as Oliver Twist made him widely recognized.

Furthermore, along with his professional journey, Richard started his married life at 23 in 1948.

American Actor Richard Moore Was Married Three Time In His Life

Moore was a multi-talented individual from Los Angeles, California, generally known for his appearance in movies and series.

Richard had three marriages during his life; his first marriage was to Pat Dempsey in 1948.

The couple, Richard and Pat, had one son named Kevin Moore. However, the couple could not stay together for long, leading to divorce in 1954.

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Moreover, after his first divorce, Richard took a few year’s break from his personal life and relationship, focusing on his career.

Later, in 1959, he married Eleanor Donhowe Fitzpatrick, but many details about his second marriage remain undisclosed.

Furthermore, Richard’s third and final marriage was in 1988 to Jane Powell; Jane was also an American singer and actress.

Late American Actor Dickie Moore Spend Twenty-Seven Year Of His Life With Jane Powell

Though Richard was married several times, his longest-lasting marriage was to famed singer, dancer, and actress Jane Powell.

Moreover, the couple met in 1988 and shared 27 years of their life, Jane stayed beside Richard during the last minute of his life.

Despite sharing the same profession, the couple did not get the chance to share the screens.

Furthermore, both individuals succeeded in their field and were famous for their appearance in their era.

Jane Powell was known for performing in the musicals A Date with Judy (1948) and Royal Wedding (1951).

Meanwhile, Richard was a legendary actor from 1950, and the audience knew him from his TV appearances when he was less than one year old.

Additional Information

  • Besides his career in movies and Television series, Moore served in the United States Army during World War II.
  • Richard went on to teach and write books about acting, edit Equity News, and produce an Oscar-nominated short film (The Boy and the Eagle), and industrial films in his life.
  • In 1966, after battling alcohol and drug addictions, Richard founded a public relations firm, Dick Moore and Associates, which he ran until 2010.


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