Danny Wong’s Girlfriend Jennifer Pan’s Depression Issues Led Her To Commit The Heinous Crime

Jennifer's father hoped she would become a pharmacist, while her mother wanted her to excel in piano.

Daniel Wong Depression
The Documentary about Jennifer Han released on Netflix.

Danny Wong, the boyfriend of Jennifer Pan, helped his girlfriend in the horrible crime surrounding Jennifer’s parents, which remains a haunting aspect of the tragic story.

The Netflix documentary “What Jennifer Did” delves into the true story of Jennifer Pan, a young woman from Ontario, Canada.

Jennifer Pan was once a star pianist as a child but later faced immense pressure, which led her to plot to kill her parents.

The documentary combines police interrogation footage, reenactments, and interviews with investigators and those close to the Pan family.

Moreover, it sheds light on Jennifer’s descent from a talented pianist to her conviction for first-degree murder.

Danny Wong Helped His Depressed Girlfriend In The Crime

While the documentary doesn’t delve deeply into Danny Wong’s mental health, it highlights the intense emotional turmoil Jennifer faced.

Jennifer Pan and Danny Wong dated on and off for almost seven years. However, Jennifer’s parents disapproved of their relationship.

Danny Wong worked at a pizza restaurant and was a drug dealer, so her parents felt he wasn’t good for her.

However, Jennifer was so obsessed with him that she committed the horrible act of killing her own parents so that she could be with him.

Additionally, Danny also helped Jennifer commit the crime to benefit from her life insurance and inherit the family home.

Police discovered diary entries where Jennifer wrote about her parents’ disapproval and her depression.

Danny Wong’s Role In The Crime

Danny Wong was implicated in the murder of Jennifer’s mother, Bich Ha Pan, and the attempted murder of her father, Huei Hann Pan.

Jennifer and Danny together conspired to hire hitmen to carry out the attack on her parents.

The text messages on Jennifer’s phone revealed their plan. These messages revealed their discussions about hiring a hitman.

Moreover, the messages referred to the hitman as “homeboy,” which the investigators found out later.

Both Jennifer Pan and Danny Wong were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

They were convicted and sentenced to life in prison for their roles in the crime.


  • The documentary “What Jennifer Did” was released on April 10, 2024, which is about the disturbing case of Jennifer Pan.
  • Jennifer’s parents were ethnic Chinese refugees who had fled Vietnam for Canada and had set many goals for their daughter.


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