Sela Ward Weight Loss Looks After Rumors Of Illness And Disappearance From Socials

Sela Ward children Anabella and Austin are also involved in the entertainment industry.

Sela Ward with a glass in hand
Sela Ward is involved in philanthropic activities, working for orphanage children.

Former American actress Sela Ward reignited the curiosity among fans after re-appearing on Instagram, giving her a look as if she had weight loss while rumors about her illness already had their share of fame.

Sela Ward is a two-time Primetime Emmy Award winner who, through her acting endeavors, enjoyed the glamor of the early 90s and 20s.

Her first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress came for her role as Teddy Reed on Sisters (1991-1996).

Later, Sela Ward collected another Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress as Lily Manning in Once and Again (1999-2002).

Her other Television credits include Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story, Frasier, Suburban Madness, Graves, and the latest being FBI.

She has also garnered a reputation from movies like Runaway Bride, The Fugitive, The Guardian, Gone Girl, and Independence Day: Resurgence.

However, Sela Ward underwent a long hiatus after last appearing on the FBI. Her last update on social was in July 2023 before giving a glimpse of her again in February 2024 on Instagram.

This long break and disappearance of Sela Ward already had fans gossiping about whether she had an illness, and now they believe she has undergone weight loss.

Red Carpet Looks Of Sela Ward Had Everyone Believe She Had Weight Loss And Barely Aged

The actress Sela Ward was not much of a social geek, as she posted on her Instagram page once a month or two. Meanwhile, this time, she went for a gap of 8 months without any updates on her life.

Meanwhile, fans could capture a look of the actress on the red carpet in New York at the FIT Awards and Hearst Castle Ball, which made her fans rejoice.

Sela Ward glimpses in a stylish black ensemble, revealing her slim physique, left everyone in awe as if she had not aged and maintained her body with a fair share of weight loss management.

Yet, the actress has not discussed her diet and exercise routine with the public. All that can be seen is the family moments and events she attends as a part of her social circle.

Sela Ward even underwent rumors that she had a severe illness, but that was not the case. Sources revealed that she suffered from an initial stage of anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue.

Later, she even had to go through hyperthyroidism (thyroid disorder), which is mainly responsible for altering the weight of the victim.

Nevertheless, with a planned diet and physician help, Sela Ward regained her health and did not suffer from weight loss or gain.

She once shared on social saying she takes swimming as a part of health maintenance with a caption, “Got my laps in for the day! Can someone hand me a towel, please? #resolutions”

Meanwhile, her recent Instagram post shows she enjoys reading and is healthy.

Thus, until Sela Ward makes any revelations, it is better to appreciate the story she shares through her rare glimpses.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Rachel and Sela Ward sisters?

Despite having the same last name, Rachel and Sela Ward are not sisters and are not related to each other.

Does Sela Ward have children?

The American actress Sela Ward shares two children, a daughter, Anabellla Raye, and a son, Austin Ward, from her more than three-decade-long marriage with Howard Sherman.

How old is Sela Ward?

Sela Ward is 67 years old, born on July 11, 1956.


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