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Shawnee Smith Struggles To Rebuild Her Shattered Life After The Murder Of Her Family In Bloodline Killer

Bloodline Killer is a haunting tale of Shawnee Smith with a gripping blend of horror, mystery, and thrill.

In the suspense-filled horror film “Bloodline Killer,” American actress Shawnee Smith portrays the protagonist who struggles to balance her life following the brutal slaying of her family.

Bloodline Killer is directed by Ante Novakovic and written by Anthony and James Gaudioso.

Bruce Dern, Tyrese Gibson, and Taryn Manning join Shawnee Smith in the remarkable cast of the Bloodline Killer.

The movie revolves around Shawnee’s character, Moira Cole’s journey through a shattered life.

What Happened To Shawnee Smith After Her Family Murder In Bloodline Killer?

Shawnee Smith, known for portraying Linda in the American sitcom Becker, plays the lead role in the chilling thriller Bloodline Killer.

Shawnee plays the character Moira Cole in the horror movie Bloodline Killer, a character who perseveres through life despite the harrowing loss of her family.

Moreover, after the incident of her family’s murder, Shawnee, as Moria, takes on the responsibilities of herself along with her remaining loved ones.

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Shawnee Smith tries to investigate the murder of her family and the reason behind the murder, building her character as a strong and fearless one.

In Bloodline Killer, Smith’s character is strong but scared, battling her fears while holding onto hope.

Furthermore, audiences can experience a captivating blend of intense horror, thrilling investigation, and mind-bending mystery through Smith’s character.

Bloodline Killer Is A Terrifying Tale Of Moira And Her Two Scared Sons

The American horror film by Vertical Entertainment follows the horrible journey of Moira after the murder of her family.

Moria discovers that her family killer is none other than her crazy cousin, Lee Morris, which brings more fear into her life.

Additionally, the only members remaining of her family are her two sons, who are in fear of a tragic incident.

The movie centers around Moria trying to keep her life moving while making an investigation along with Detective Cyphers regarding the murder incident.

Moreover, the movie plot becomes more exciting when a horror film series about their family murders reminds them of the incident every October.

Overall, the movie offers viewers an intense, spine-chilling experience, weaving together adventure, terror, and suspense elements that promise to hold the audience.


  • The filming of the horror crime movie Bloodline Killer took place in December 2022 in Connecticut.
  • The film “Bloodline Killer” receives an R rating due to intense action, graphic violence, and strong language.
  • Bloodline Killer was released in selected theaters and VOD by Vertical Entertainment on April 26, 2024.
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