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Blue Lock 261 Spoilers and Raw Scans: Kaiser Accepts the Offer

"I'm not asking for your creativity... And believe. For me, nothing is impossible"- Kaiser

Weebs are indeed waiting for the Blue Lock 261 episode to drop. The 261 spoiler will probably hint at how Kaiser gets a chance to live his dream as a footballer.

Chapter 261 will revolve around Kaiser’s past, including how his past life made him buy football and how being in jail was the main reason he got into Blue Lock.

Most of us are well aware that the 260 episodes showed how Kaiser had to endure his alcoholic father’s beating.

Coming from an abusive household, he even was forced to steal food from stores and bring it home to his father.

Likewise, episode 261 revolves around how he met a man inside the prison who bailed him out and insisted he play football.

PIPA Agent Bailed Kaiser to Play Football

The 260 episodes ended with Ray Dark, PIPA Authorized Agent, asking Kaiser,

If you’ll play, i’ll get you out of here.

And the 261 episodes probably will explore in detail conversations between Kaiser and Ray.

First, Kaiser will hesitate to accept the offer, but after remembering his past, he will have no choice but to do so.

Moreover, as he would be bailed out of jail with the offer, he accepts it and aggressively attends the training inside Blue Lock.

Moreover, the 261 episodes might focus on how Kaiser got his Meta Vision eyes.

Kaiser’s Growth in Mental Strength Might be Explored in 261 Episode

After Kaiser is taken inside the Blue Lock training facility area, he might waver to explore his talent as he accepts the offer only to get outside the jail.

But viewers will see that, after spending days inside the training area, he starts to forget his past and fully engages in football.

It could also indicate that he won’t interact with his teammates entirely due to his introverted behavior.

Additional Information

  • With the influence of Blue Lock anime, Japan even made their World Cup 2022 of this anime.
  • The main protagonist of this Blue Lock anime is Yoichi Isagi who would become a best striker.
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