Sting Review Highlights The Mysterious Character From The Sky To Monstrous Beast

Charlotte and her stepfather Ethan bond over their comic creation, Fang Girl.

sting movie review
Sting is a creature feature horror thrilling movie directed by Kiah Roache-Turner.


  • Sting captivates with a mix of humor and suspense, featuring Frank’s comedic relief against the backdrop of a family drama and a menacing spider.
  • The film presents a satirical take on deception, delivering unexpected twists and charismatic performances.
  • It lacks pacing and depth, leaving some viewers wanting more from the creature feature’s character arcs and emotional resonance.

The movie Sting delights with its humorous portrayal of the artist and a plot full of wit and unexpected twists.

Sting is a horror movie combining suspense and science fiction elements with a family drama.

The storyline revolves around a 12-year-old girl named Charlotte who secretly raises a spider that crash-lands on Earth in an asteroid.

The spider, Sting, grows monstrously and develops an insatiable appetite for blood. This leads to terrifying events as it becomes a giant, flesh-eating monster.

Disclaimer:This review is based on a viewer’s perspective and does not represent any official endorsement or critique.

Sting Movie Shows The Charming Creature Rapidly Transforming Into A Giant Flesh-Eating Monster



Your biggest fear just got bigger.


Release DateApril 12, 2024
CastsJermaine Fowler, Ryan Corr, Alyla Browne
WritersKiah Roache-Turner
DirectorKiah Roache-Turner

The movie Sting has received various reactions from audiences and critics. Its IMDb rating suggests a moderate reception among viewers.

One critic on Rotten Tomatoes mentions that the film is a fun throwback to creature features of the 1950s but criticizes the rough pacing and reliance on CGI.

The movie has received mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with ratings ranging from 2/4 to 5/5 stars.

One of the reviewers gave 3.5/5 ratings and said:

Sting is a fun and effectively creepy creature feature. The alien/arachnid approach changes up the creepy crawly formula enough to feel fresh. Too many of the characters were over-the-top caricatures to be a complete home-run.

Moreover, the Metascore for this movie is 57, indicating mixed or average reviews based on 11 critic reviews. The user score is also mixed or average, based on 5 user ratings.

In the review of Sting’s movie on YouTube, Chris Stuckmann commends the film’s quality, highlighting the character Exterminator Frank as a particularly humorous element.

He notes the presence of a memorable comedic line within the film alongside disturbing imagery.

Stuckmann further describes the movie as a well-crafted science fiction narrative featuring a monster.

Overall, it seems that some have appreciated this movie for its creature feature elements but criticized others for its execution and development of the story.

Reviewing The Movie Sting Which Comprises Of Delightful Blend Of Humor And Intrigue

The review team at Belmont Filmhouse found this movie to be a delightful blend of humor and intrigue. The funniest character is, without a doubt, Frank, portrayed by Jermaine Fowler.

Frank is an aggrieved and wisecracking exterminator who plays a significant role in the film.

While the movie primarily focuses on a nuclear family’s strained relationship and the threat posed by a flesh-eating spider named Sting, Frank injects humor into the otherwise tense situation.

His witty remarks and comedic timing provide some relief amidst the horror and suspense. The exciting plot, with its unexpected twists and turns, keeps us guessing until the end.

It’s a classic tale of satire and deception that entertains with its clever script and charismatic performances.

On the other hand, we find this movie is a modestly scaled horror that pits a flesh-eating spider against people.

The film rushes through its plot, leaving characters underdeveloped and animal attack scenes lacking depth.

Despite being a spider, the creature doesn’t add much to the story beyond a generic threat.

The design and focus on a nuclear family’s strained relationship seem like missed opportunities.

Moreover, the film struggles with two competing stories: the stepfather’s life adjustments and the young protagonist, Charlotte.

This leaves viewers cold toward Charlotte when she becomes the main focus in the final act.

While it has intriguing ideas for a creature feature, it has not executed them in a way that satisfies all viewers.

Overall, it seems to be a creature feature with some standout effects and moments, but it may lack character development and lasting impact.

If you’re a fan of creature features, you might find something to enjoy in this horror thriller.

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sting-review-highlights-mysterious-character-from-sky-monstrous-beastSting captivates horror enthusiasts with its thrilling creature feature, offering a nostalgic nod to classic genre films. The movie’s portrayal of a giant flesh-eating spider provides a consistent sense of menace, making for an engaging and fun experience. Despite its polished appearance, it falls short with its rushed character development and underwhelming creature attack scenes. The film’s reliance on CGI and uneven pacing detract from its potential, leaving viewers wanting more from the Spielberg-inspired horror caper.


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