What Happened To London Quinn Best Friend Dawson Gage? Movie Plot Explained

Sarah Fisher Best Friend Dawson Gage
The movie Someone Like You is based on Kingsbury's popular New York Times bestselling book of same name.

In the movie Someone Like You, Dawson Gage, portrayed by Jake Allyn, experiences the tragic loss of his best friend, London Quinn, played by Sarah Fisher, in a car accident.

Someone Like You is an upcoming Romantic drama, all set to release on April 2, 2024, which tells an emotionally charged love story.

The movie is based on a novel by Karen Kingsbury, written and directed by Tyler Russell.

Moreover, the film features Sarah Fisher, Jake Allyn, and Lynn Collins as the main characters, exploring the themes of love, loss, and the search for connection.

Similarly, the plot centers around Dawson Gage’s life after losing his best friend and his quest to find her secret twin sister.

Dawson Gage Life After His Best Friend London Quinn Accident

The central theme of the movie Someone Like You revolves around Dawson Gage’s love for London Quinn.

It’s described as a long-standing affection that began in high school and continued into their adult lives even after ten years.

Further, after the tragic passing of London in a car accident, Dawson is seen grieving for the loss.

His character is depicted as deeply affected by this loss, which propels him on a poignant journey.

Following the accident, Dawson, a young architect, is compelled to embark on a search for London’s secret twin sister.

London Quinn Best Friend Dawson Gage
Lodon Quinn and Dawson Gage have been best friends since high school. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the tragedy that befalls London, Dawson’s love for her is unwavering, which leads him to find her twin sister.

Moreover, in the journey of finding her twin sister, Dawson never expected would lead him to fall in love again.

Someone Like You Movie Plot Explained

The film’s story unfolds as an emotional journey, delving into the tragic love story and the enduring bonds of friendship.

The plot centers around Dawson Gage, who is devastated by the sudden passing of his best friend, London Quinn.

Then, he sets on a heartfelt journey to find his best friend’s twin sister, separated after birth.

Additionally, the twin sister, Andi Allen, unaware of her twin’s existence, was in disbelief at finding out the truth from the stranger.

She then sets out to meet her biological parents and find out who she really is.

An unexpected connection forms as Dawson gets to know London’s twin sister, Andi.

Later, the movie explores the blossoming romance between Dawson and Andi, but their journey isn’t all smooth sailing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Were The Twins London Quinn And Andi Allen Separated?

In the movie, the twins London Quinn and Andi Allen were separated during their parents’ IVF procedure.  Andi, unaware of her conception, finds out the truth only after London’s accident.

Who Are London Quinn’s Parents In Someone Like You?

London Quinn’s parents are portrayed by the actors Lynn Collins as Louise Quinn and Scott Reeves as Larry Quinn.

What Is The Running Time For Someone Like You?

The film has a runtime of 1 hour 58 minutes, depicting a heartaching love story.


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