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Bridgerton Penelope and Colin’s Steamy Scene Sparks Pregnancy Rumors!

Penelope and Colin have four children in the book.

Friends turned lovers Penelope and Colin Bridgerton spiced up the entire plotline with their growing romance, leading to Penelope being pregnant rumors.

Bridgerton fans speculated that motherhood is on Penelope Featherington’s cards, considering several unnoticeable instances directed toward her pregnancy.

According to Julia Quinn’s book, the couple become parents to children: Agatha, Thomas, Jane, and George.

Season 3, part 2 of the Netflix series “Bridgerton” saw the couple getting married. Henceforth, fans have theorized they will soon be parents.

Penelope and Colin are Speculated to Have Conceived Before Their Wedding

Penelope and Colin share an intimate moment that went nearly six minutes in Season 3, episode 5 of the Netflix series Bridgerton.

The steamy scene led to people speculating about the friends turned lovers expecting their baby as it was in the books.

Some netizens shared a screenshot of Penelope covering her mouth as if she had nausea, speculating she was expecting.

Likewise, several instances of Penelope caressing her stomach also couldn’t get off the audience’s prying eyes.

On top of that, the showrunner, Jess Brownell, hinted at the possibility of seeing Colin and Penelope being parents in Season 4.

Brownell said in the showrunner’s mind that Colin and Penelope conceived in their mirror scene when they were together for the first time.

Likewise, she added that it wouldn’t be too surprising for the audience if they were to see the couple already having a baby in Season 4.

Also, some speculated that Penelope getting faint at the engagement party is a sign that she is expecting before the wedding.

A user on Reddit wrote,

I think her pregnancy was another another reason why she fainted at the engagement party. My girl was stressed and pregnant, obviously she fainted!

A Reddit discussion theorized that Penelope was expecting a baby before the wedding; however, she was completely unaware of it, so she offered an annulment to Colin.

That said, the showrunner chose not to unveil whether they are expecting or not, keeping space for more anticipation for the upcoming season.

Although the rumors surrounding Penelope and Colin’s pregnancy have not been confirmed, we know that Kate and Anthony will be parents.

Additional Information

  • Colin learns about Penelope’s identity of Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton Season 3 part 2.
  • Netflix confirmed that “Bridgerton” will renew for Season 4; however, the release date has yet to be revealed.
  • John Stirling introduces his cousin Michaela Stirling to Francesca in the Season 3 part 2.
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