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My Hero Academia Chapter 419 Spoilers: Deku Loses His Arms And All For One Returns

My Hero Academia series could be approaching its conclusion in the upcoming chapters.

My Hero Academia 419 spoiler reveals that Deku, known as Izuku Midoriya, will lose both arms completely, as his hand has started to decay during his battle with Tenko in the previous chapter.

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, Deku managed to get through Tenko, having witnessed the most traumatic memories of his past.

Thus, the audience might witness some of Deku’s emotional journey reflecting his darker past in this chapter.

Moreover, Tenko got weak after the battle, leading All For One out from him, so there may be a chance of All For One out hunting others.

Fall Of Deku’s Arms And The Comeback Of All For One

“My Hero Academia” chapter 419 will pick up where the previous chapter left off. It will begin with Deku in a critical situation, trapped in a dreamscape with Tenko, as they confront All For One.

In chapter 419, Deku’s decaying arm may result in his loss of it entirely, adding a significant wrench to the story.

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Furthermore, Deku and Tenko will face All For One, so the audience might witness both teaming up to oppose it.

Tenko, under All For One’s control, may hesitate to confront him, yet his desire for revenge could emerge.

This internal conflict sets the stage for a potential plot twist that could change the course of their battle.

My Hero Academia Chapter 419: Titled As Purpose

All For One’s sudden appearance between the battle of Tenko and Deku has left a twisting plot in the story.

As the title suggests, “Purpose“; thus, with this chapter, the audience might explore the true purpose of AFO, of concurring the world.

Previously, All For One’s scheming was showcased when he influenced Tenko, leading him to harm his family.

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Moreover, as Deku escapes the dreamscape and returns to the real world, he finds himself still with his decaying arm.

This suggests that the incident that took place in the imaginary world influenced the real world as well.

With the rise of All For One and its purpose, the upcoming chapters of the manga series promise to bring more exciting battles.

Furthermore, along with AFO, Tenko and Deku might find their true purpose in this chapter, setting a more twisting story.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will My Hero Academia Chapter 419 be released?

The release date for “My Hero Academia” Chapter 419 is April at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET.

How does the dreamscape affect the real world in the story?

Events in the dreamscape seem to directly impact the real world, as seen by Deku’s decaying arm.

Is My Hero Academia ending?

My Hero Academia’s anime released its seventh season in 2024, which won’t be enough to finish the series; however, the makers have not yet confirmed the end of the manga series.

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