La Mif

In a residential care home in Geneva, a group of teenage girls have been placed under the care of their social workers.

Forced to live together in a forced family setting, both tensions and intimacies are created between the young women.

When an incident triggers a chain of overreactions, a powerful, energetic, and emotional examination of the impacts of abuse, coming-of-age, and the morals and ethics of social care results on the screen.

This bristling and contemporary drama sees director Fred Baillif take inspiration from his past experiences as a street social worker, working with real residents and staff in a care home to play the fictional characters, with the ensemble cast composed of non-professional actors.

Prakriti Paudel
Prakriti Paudel
Prakriti Paudel is a storyteller in the world of movies, known for painting vivid tales about the big screen. With a passion for cinema, she brings stories to life that captivate audiences. She invites viewers on an unforgettable journey with her articles, blending fantasy and reality to craft literary wonders.


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