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Catherine Rusoff Embraces Irish-American Roots of Her Husband, Ed O’Neil

The retired actress, Catherine Rusoff, was 32 when she married Ed O'Neil.

Catherine Rusoff is the wife of Ed O’Neil, who played Donald Sterling in the 2024 sitcom Clipped. Born and brought up in New Jersey, she holds an American nationality; however, Catherine’s ethnicity remains unknown.

Despite being broadly known as Ed O’Neil’s wife, Catherine Rusoff solidified her name in the entertainment industry as an actress.

Catherine is a retired actress who became famous for her role in the 1988 episode “Last Year’s Model” of the crime thriller series Ohara.

She has six acting credits, including Mona Squab in Married… with Children, Andrea in The Whereabouts of Jenny, and more.

Ed O’Neil’s Wife Catherine Rusoff Keeps Her Ancestry a Mystery!

Although Catherine Rusoff’s ethnicity is not explicitly disclosed, she has wholeheartedly embraced the Irish-American ethnicity of her husband, Ed O’Neil.

The retired actress Catherine was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States.

Speaking of her last name, Rusoff is Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic) in nature and likely originated from the town of Grozov in Belarus.

According to Forebears, Rusoff is reportedly a shortened and modified form of the last name Rozovsky.

Unfortunately, little is known about her, including her family heritage, for Catherine maintains a low profile on public and social platforms.

Clipped actor Ed O’Neil’s ancestors reportedly started as immigrants from coal mining when they arrived in America.

Catherine and Ed O’Neil Have a Close-Knit Family of Four

Allegedly, Catherine and Ed O’Neil crossed paths for the first time on a movie set before their romance took off.

That said, it isn’t accurate as much as the fact Catherine and Ed O’Neil tied the knot in 1986.

Hence, details surrounding their relationship timeline remain behind the curtain.

Catherine and Ed O’Neil have worked together on the set of “Married… with Children.”

Unfortunately, in 1989, within two years of their marriage, the couple separated, only to reconcile later in 1993.

The prime reason behind their brief separation remains unknown. However, the couple took this as an opportunity to retrospect and conform their relationship.

Catherine Rusoff’s family comprises four members. Within their on-and-off marriage of 38 years, the pair welcomed two daughters, Claire and Sophia O’Neill.

Sophia O’Neil, the eldest daughter, was born in 1996, whereas Claire O’Neil, the youngest, was born in 1998.

It appears it runs in the family; Sophia, 28, also belongs to the acting fraternity, let alone her parents, Catherine and Ed O’Neil.

Sophia has three acting credits on her resume, including Morrissey White on An American Funeral and more.

Additional Information

  • Catherine Rusoff is a graduate of Teaneck High School.
  • Catherine and Ed O’Neil’s daughter Sophia O’Neil, an actress, had a celebrity crush on Dylan O’Brien.
  • Catherine Rusoff and Ed O’Neil’s daughters, Sophie and Claire O’Neil, have an age gap of two years.
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