Embarking On A Journey Through The Gripping Universe Of Parasyte The Grey Season 1 Review

Lee Jung-Hyun joined the set three months after childbirth.

parasyte the grey
Parasyte The Grey Season 1, a live manga series adaptation, captivates with its thrilling sci-fi horror, impressive VFX, and strong performances, with mixed reviews.


  • Noted for intense action and thought-provoking themes.
  • Considered one of the best Netflix series of 2024 and a significant extension of the original manga.
  • Impressive visuals and action sequences.

Parasyte The Grey Season 1, a live manga series adaptation, captivates with its thrilling sci-fi horror, impressive VFX, and strong performances, with mixed reviews.

Parasyte: The Grey is a 2024 South Korean sci-fi horror series exploring the harrowing conflict between humans and mysterious parasite creatures.

The first season consists of 6 episodes, each delving into the suspenseful world.

Moreover, the show also depicts a confrontation with unidentified parasitic creatures that live on humans and have the urge to destroy them.

Disclaimer:This review is based on a viewer’s perspective and does not represent any official endorsement or critique.

Raving Reviews Driven Parasyte: The Grey Season 1 Enthusiastic Fan Reception


Parasyte: The Grey

Live-action spinoff of the Parasyte universe.


Release dateApril 5, 2024
DirectorYeon Sang-Ho
Jeon So-Nee
, Lee Jung-Hyun, Koo Kyo-Hwan
Hitoshi Iwaaki

Parasyte: The Grey is a sci-fi horror series on Netflix about alien parasites violently taking over human hosts and granting them supernatural abilities.

The story unfolds as parasitic life forms, descending from the sky, begin to take over human hosts.

These parasites are driven by a primal urge to kill and aim to seize control of human civilization.

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The series has been noted for its intense action sequences and thought-provoking themes, resonating with audiences worldwide.

It’s a stark portrayal of the human spirit’s resilience in the face of an otherworldly menace.

While the visuals and action sequences are impressive, the horror doesn’t quite scare, and the sci-fi elements don’t intrigue enough.

However, performances by actors like Jeon So-nee, Kwon Hae-hyo, and Koo Kyo-hwan are affecting. Moreover, it has received a variety of reactions from viewers and critics.

Some praise it as a significant extension of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s manga, while others appreciate it as a relevant piece of art.

A video on YouTube describes the series as one of the best Netflix series of 2024 so far, praising its storytelling and the adaptation of the original manga.

Rotten Tomatoes lists it as a horror tale that works best when depicting humans transforming into monstrous forms.

Similarly, the IMDb rating is 7.3/10, based on feedback from 3.8K users. It seems to have been well-received by the audience.

On the other hand, some users feel that the series has missed opportunities compared to the manga.

Moreover, they also express disappointment with certain aspects of the adaptation.

Overall, while there are some criticisms, the general view is that it’s a solid piece worth watching, especially for fans of the original anime and those who enjoy horror with a psychological twist.

Parasyte The Grey Follows A Group Of Mysterious Alien Parasites

We find Parasyte The Grey Season 1 a gripping series that masterfully blends elements of horror, science fiction, and psychological drama.

The story centers around Jeong Su-In, a woman who unusually unites with a parasite named Hyde, leaving them both mutated.

Unlike typical cases where parasites overtake their hosts, Su-in retains her consciousness, leading to a complex relationship with Hyde.

The series escalates from Su-In’s survival to broader themes of co-existence between the two species.

The narrative builds towards a climactic confrontation as Su-In and her few allies face numerous enemies.

Moreover, we can find the themes of community, corrupt leadership’s dangers, and humanity’s essence.

In the finale, Su-in comes to terms with her new identity and finds a way to co-exist with Heidi, the parasite.

After a significant battle against the leader of the parasite organization, Su-In and Kang-Woo, another main character, prove their worth to Team Grey.

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We were thoroughly engrossed by this series that seamlessly merges the terror of parasitic invasion with existential difficulties.

The first season set a high bar with its intense narrative and complex characters, leaving us eagerly anticipating what the second season might unveil.

The prospect of further exploring the philosophical and ethical dilemmas presented by the series is truly exciting.

We hope the creators will continue to captivate us with the same depth and quality in the next installment.

The anticipation for the second season is reaching new heights, and we hope it will arrive soon and continue the thrilling journey.

Parasyte: The Grey
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parasyte-the-grey-season-1-reviewParasyte: The Grey is praised for its unique body horror designs, excellent characters, and thrilling plot, making it a standout series. The series seems to have struck a chord with both audiences and critics alike, making it a noteworthy adaptation and a compelling watch in the sci-fi horror genre. Overall, it seems to be a hit with critics and audiences alike, especially for those who enjoy a mix of action, horror, and human drama.


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