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Drew Bledsoe’s Deadly Injury got a Sarcastic Yet Dark Humor from Tom Brady in the Netflix Roast Show

The Roast included former NFL players and some renowned celebs.

You don’t want to hear about Tom Brady’s 9/11 joke if you believe that Jess Ross’s sarcastic massage roast was off the limit during The Roast of Tom Brady.

Most of us didn’t know what Tom Brady was holding into himself after listening to all the roast he got.

From his career roast to his divorce and sexuality, the celebs didn’t hold back on Tom Brady and made the three-hour show look short.

Moreover, Kevin Hart, one of the best comedians in the industry, hosted the show and made a punch line among all the celebrities who appeared there.

Tom Brady Didn’t Hold Back on Drew Bledsoe’s Injury, Linking it to 9/11

The Roast of Tom Brady was formatted to make jokes about Tom Brady from celebs and vice versa.

The most surprising joke came from the man himself, Tom Brady. Soon-to-be Fox NFL broadcaster used one of the most tragic incidents, 9/11, to make a joke on Drew Bledsoe.

Tom started his roast with,

Like the rest of America, I’ll always remember where I was that fateful day in September of 2001, when tragically, those two Jets slammed into Drew Bledsoe.

Let us break the joke for you if you didn’t get it.

Back on 23 September 2001, Drew’s team was against the New York Jets, where he got rocked by Shaun Ellis and Mo Lewis in an attempt to scramble for a first down.

Then, they grabbed his ankle from behind and took him down. Unfortunately, Drew suffered a torn blood vessel in his chest during the move.

As he was bleeding internally and to stop it, doctors inserted a tube into his chest and drained out the blood.

Connecting to it, Tom made Drew a plane from 9/11 and Shaun Ellis and Mo Lewis the Twin Towers.

After 12 days from the September 11 attack, the game was played. Terrorists hijacked commercial planes and crashed two of them into the Twin Towers, resulting in nearly 3000 people’s deaths.

The healthy roast supposedly has a controversial ending. He made jokes about 9/11, especially since he once issued an apology to the military two years ago for “disrespectful military comments.”

Additional Information

  • Drew McQueen Bledsoe is an American retired football quarterback who played nearly 14 seasons with the New England Patriots.
  • Drew Bledsoe is married to Maura and is living in Bend, Oregon.
  • Drew founded the Doubleback Winery after his retirement with his friend Chris Figgins.
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