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Nikki Glaser Admitted to Getting Plastic Surgery Ahead of Tom Brady’s Roast Show

Nikki unfolded the unaired jokes from Tom Brady's roast show in an interview with The Howard Stern Show.

Nikki Glaser roasted Tom Brady with punchlines indicating his breakup with then-pregnant girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. Undoubtedly, she was in the limelight of the show.

Nikki Glaser is a noteworthy stand-up comedian, writer, and producer known for her work in I Feel Pretty, Trainwreck, and Punching the Clown.

Her appearance on The Roast of Tom Brady recently sent grand waves online, and many lauded her performance and witty punchlines.

Many agree she was the star of the show even though it wasn’t any competition. Nikki’s humorous shots at Tom and Kevin Hart became sensational.

Nikki Became the Talk of the Night with her Witty Humor and her Facial Features Enhanced with Plastic Surgery

No one could stand a chance next to Nikki’s witty punchlines on Tom Brady’s roasting show. That said, her mesmerizing looks also drew grand attention.

Undoubtedly, she steamrolled every comedian on the show tonight; nevertheless, no one can disagree with her outstanding look on the show, Period.

The standup comedian openly admitted to getting $800 bucks lip fillers and Botox between her eyebrows in an interview on CONAN in 2019.

Nikki left everyone in awe with her flawless looks, which blended with her balayage soft curly hair, drop earrings, and sequined black dress.

Similarly, the audience noticed her face with no signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, or crow’s feet.

Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon for celebrities to undergo such procedures to enhance their looks.

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Nikki Glaser Previously Acknowledged her Desire for Getting Lip Fillers

Welcome Home Nikki Glaser star Nikki previously openly expressed her desire for plastic surgery in an interview on The Howard Stern Show.

She admitted she wanted to improve her facial and body features, given any chance.

The conversation started with Howard Stern asking her if she was the popular girl in high school.

Hosts Howard and Robin Quivers frowned in disbelief in nearly no time to her desire to get some things done on her face.

They stated Nikki is near perfect, with little to no changes needed on her face or body, regardless of her desire.

Having said that, Nikki stated she doesn’t want drastic changes but rather subtle changes that would enhance her already beautiful facial features.

Nikki wanted to have her lips done with some filler on her upper lips to achieve plump and fuller lips.

She lamented about her choice of preferring outer appearance rather than inner beauty, stating,

I put a lot of values on looks, but I wish didn’t!

Similarly, Nikki also disclosed her desire to get a breast augmentation.

Additional Information

  • The American standup comedian and writer Nikki Glaser boasts 9 writing credits, 7 producing credits, and 21 acting credits.
  • Nikki Glaser has been in a prolonged relationship with her boyfriend, Chris Convy, for a decade now.
  • Nikki initiated her stand-up comedy at the young age of 18.
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