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Drew Starkey is Alive and Actively Participating in the ‘Outer Banks’ Shoot, With No Health Concerns in 2024

Drew Starkey won the 2020 IndieX Film Festival Best Ensemble Cast Award for ‘Limbo.’

Drew Starkey is in good health and actively filming “Outer Banks” Season 4 in Charleston, with no reports or signs of illness affecting his work on set.

Drew Starkey, an American actor, was born on November 4, 1993, in Hickory, North Carolina.

He is recognized for his role as Rafe Cameron in the popular Netflix series Outer Banks.

In addition to this breakout role, Drew has appeared in other notable projects, including the film Love, Simon (2018) and the TV series Scream.

His performances have garnered attention and contributed to his rising profile in the entertainment industry.

Drew Starkey on Set for ‘Outer Banks’ Season 4 Production in Charleston

Drew Starkey is alive and well and currently engaged in filming. There were rumors about his death in a car accident, but these have been debunked by multiple sources.

According to recent updates on Twitter posts from Drew Starkey Updates, he is currently in Charleston for filming “Outer Banks” Season 4.

A video of him on location has also been posted, confirming that he is very much alive and continuing his work as an actor.

In 2023, Drew Starkey was the subject of unfounded rumors suggesting that he had passed away following a car accident.

These claims were widely circulated online despite the lack of credible evidence. It is important to clarify that these rumors were entirely false.

Moreover, he did not experience such an incident and remains active in his professional endeavors.

Drew Starkey‘s Cinematic Journey From Indie to Mainstream Success

Drew Starkey, whose full name is Joseph Andrew Starkey, has made a notable impact in the film and television industry.

He began his career with short films and gradually moved to more significant roles.

He has appeared in various TV series such as Scream: Resurrection and Queen Sugar, and he’s set to appear in the upcoming film Queer.

In the upcoming film Queer, Starkey is set to play the role of Allerton, a young man in Mexico City’s underground scene.

Drew Starkey is currently filming the highly anticipated fourth season of the Netflix series Outer Banks.

The production began last summer, and the shooting schedule is set to conclude in May 2024.

Additional Information

  • Drew Starkey was born to his parents, Todd Starkey and Jodi Ballard Hutto.
  • He pursued higher education at Western Carolina University, where he completed a double major in English and theatre performance.
  • He has a brother named Logan Starkey, and two sisters, Brooke Starkey and Mackayla Starkey.
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