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Unveiling The Filming Location Of Smallbone Family’s Movie Unsung Hero

Joel Smallbone directs his first film, "Unsung Hero," a family drama.

The filming of the 2024 family drama movie took place in a diverse location,  spanning from Louisville in the US to the small town of Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Unsung Hero is an American Christian drama film directed by Richard Ramsey and Joel Smallbone. 

The story follows the true story of the Smallbone family and their journey from Australia to the United States.

Moreover, the film delves into the hardships of familial bonds, presenting a narrative that resonates deeply with its viewers.

The Filming Location Of Unsung Hero Showcases The Stunning Scenery Of A City In Kentucky

The family drama movie Unsung Hero is captured in various locations in Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky, U.S.

Most of the film’s scenes were captured amidst central Kentucky’s rolling hills and scenic countryside, known as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Similarly, the cast and crew shot at Bellewood, Kevin Granger’s estate, 1116 Bellewood Road.

The audience can witness this location in the movie, where the Smallbone family offers cleaning services to the owners

Unsung Filming Hero Location
Some scenes of Unsung Hero are shot in the pearly white mansion of Bellewood, Kevin Granger’s estate. (Source: Youtube)

Moreover, the movie beautifully features Louisville’s historic neighborhoods, such as Old Louisville and the Highlands.

Nashville, Tennessee, was an essential filming location, as it is where the Smallbone family established their home upon emigrating from Australia.

Overall, the filmmakers beautifully showcased Kentucky’s stunning landscapes and its captivating roadways throughout the movie.

Unsung Hero Filmmakers Shares Their Challenging Journey Through Behind The Scene

Unsung Hero offers a behind-the-scenes look, revealing the complex process of bringing the Smallbone family’s story to life.

In behind-the-scenes interviews, directors Richard Ramsey and Joel Smallbone express that ‘Unsung Hero’ could touch hearts worldwide.

Additionally, the crew members acknowledge the challenges of bringing real-life inspirational stories onto the screen.

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Luke Smallbone, the film’s producer, disclosed that portraying his family’s challenging experiences is a key aspect they wanted to convey in this film.

This Smallbone family’s movie is about their strength through tough times, consequently aiming to inspire others struggling through similar experiences.

Furthermore, the film’s genuine storytelling and compelling performances will likely make a memorable impact on global audiences.

Additional Information

  • Unsung Hero was released Nationwide on April 26, 2024, along with 15 other movies, including Challengers, Boy Kills World, and Cash Out.
  • The drama film features a collective cast including Daisy Betts, Joel Smallbone, and Kirrilee Berger.
  • In addition to co-writing and co-directing this film, Joel Smallbone also stars in it, portraying his real-life father, David Smallbone..

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