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Dom Pedro Has A Mysterious Connection With The Ghoul In Fallout

After the war, Cooper transformed into a The Ghoul.

In the Fallout series, Dom Pedro is portrayed as a gang boss who has held captive the protagonist, The Ghoul, for several years.

In the first episode of the “Fallout” TV series, bounty hunters discuss Dom Pedro’s cruel actions even though he does not physically appear.

The series revealed that Dom Pedro has some rival connections with Cooper Howard, known as “The Ghoul.”

Moreover, as the Fallout series introduces new characters and stories with its release, the audience might witness the backstory of Dom Pedron in the coming seasons.

Dom Pedro Buried The Ghoul Alive In The Fallout Series

The “Fallout” TV series depicts Dom Pedro as a cruel man who shares a dark history with The Ghoul.

In the “Fallout” series, by the year 2296, Dom Pedro captures The Ghoul and buries him alive with a drip of anti-feral chemicals.

Additionally, every year, Dom digs up the Ghoul so that he can chop him off into pieces and bury him again.

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Since The Ghoul possesses regenerative capabilities, physical damage does not have a lasting impact on him.

This treatment by Dom Pedro is a crucial part of Cooper’s post-apocalyptic life in “The Ghoul” and adds a dark layer to his backstory.

Furthermore, season one of the Fallout series only provides fragments of the Ghoul’s past, leaving a mystery between him and Dom Pedro.

Dom Pedro May Appear In Fallout Season Two, Unveiling The Mysterious Backstory Of The Ghoul

In the Fallout series, The Ghoul is one of the characters who survived the post-apocalyptic world.

One of the reasons speculated for The Ghoul’s survival is Dom Pedro’s treatment, apart from the yellow liquid.

This creates an enigmatic link between The Ghoul and Dom Pedro since Dom neither killed The Ghoul nor ultimately spared him.

Therefore, the upcoming season may further reveal Dom Pedro’s motives and shed light on his enigmatic relationship with The Ghoul.

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In the Fallout series, Walton Goggins, known for his intense and captivating performances, plays the Ghoul.

Meanwhile, the character of Dom Pedro remains in mystery, with no actor revealed for the role.

This adds to the conspiracy surrounding Dom Pedro and sets up an exciting reveal for the audience in future seasons of Fallout.

Additional Information

  • The “Fallout” series occurs after the Great War of 2077, resulting in a nuclear apocalypse.
  • In the Fallout series, the Ghoul has a wife named Barbara and a daughter, Janey.
  • Ghoul was a Hollywood actor before the great war of 2077 in Fallout.
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